Movie Review: Ragini MMS 2

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Quite frankly the most horror inducing part of Ragini MMS 2 was the declaration at the commencement of the film that it does not promote “illegal action of girl kissing” followed by an almost fervent chant of the Hanuman Chalisa. If that did not kill expectations, the story completely butchered it.

Ragingi MMS 2 takes off from where its predecessor left us with Ragini in a mental asylum for three years now. A sleazy, failed Director Rocks is making a film, no a Horrex (Horror + Sex) on her weekend disaster and has signed adult film actress Sunny Leone for the same who greets us in the press briefing in a bath tub, wearing just red lipstick because coming to press briefings in clothes is too mainstream. Prior to the crew taking off to the haunted house, we are privy to the guy who is shooting behind the scenes roaming around alone in what is deemed by  ASI as one of the most haunted house in India at night with a handy cam and lights off. Smart chap.He jerks off in the room where Ragini and her  boyfriend had spent the night and what happens to him next was something even he could have predicted.

As the film crew now takes residence in the mansion, which looks ready to fall from the outside but the insides are like that of a four star hotel somewhere in Europe, odd things start happening to them but mostly to Sunny Leone, who has been possessed by the witch. So when she is Sunny Leone the actress she is reserved, talks only to the wannabe loner writer Satya, confesses that she is not right for the role and proves to the crew and the world that being in an adult film also requires acting skills (you go girl) but as soon as the witch takes over she drinks alcohol, makes out with almost with everybody in the house, wears the skimpiest clothes and apparently doesn’t like them much because she is off them in the next scene. Why is she doing all this? Even she doesn’t have a clue.

Throughout all this, we have glimpses of the various ghosts in the houses just casually roaming around the house being their scary self. They are still abundantly better than the secondary characters in the film namely the clueless Monali (Sandhya Mridul) who speaks bad English, wears clothes appropriate for club nights, will go to any length to impress the director and declares to make Ragini threesome. There is also another failed character Maddy, who is in love with himself and his masculinity. His only contribution to the film is to make the audience constantly cringe either with his incessant jerking off or the dreadful puns and sexual innuendos he keeps throwing around. Going overboard, you will realize is a constant theme with the film.

Logic absolutely defies the film and so does a good plot or acting for that matter. Enter another character Dr. Mira (Divya Dutt) who is a psychiatrist from New York toting around in heels, dresses and red wine and specializes in supernatural cases. She attempts to solve this mystery just by using Google, watching tapes of Ragini in reverse and using the mantras a Baba in Rishikesh had given her. Psychiatry at its best, I tell you. She also manages to reach the mansion at the exact time and location in the house when she is needed. Google map,bitches. After a great deal of struggle which is reminiscent of the  film Conjuring and flinging around of the ‘F’ word, the movie ends with the witch being released from the body of Sunny Leone. Satya and her hug each other in what looks like the beginning of a relationship and we all sigh in relief that we came out alive of this film.

Somebody now get Sunny her pants please.

imagecourtesy: indiatvnews.com

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