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Akcent ends NSIT performance with Delhi’s biggest selfie

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Moksha, the cultural festival of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, recently hosted the international Romanian dance pop act Akcent, whose dance tracks brought an exciting end to the second day of the festival. The evening, which started off as a presumable No-show, culminated in what was probably one of the biggest ‘selfies’ of 2014.

With clusters of people flocking in and around the main arena, many Akcent fans were soon disappointed to hear the news of the Romanian singer’s late arrival. The evening however did not seem to wait on him, and soon burst into energy as another DJ took to the impatiently waiting crowd. Courtesy of DJ Monty, along with his collection of Bollywood and Bhangra numbers, Akcent suddenly did not seem to matter that much. However, the above statement could probably also be termed as a misjudgement. The hoots and whistles with which Akcent was later greeted on, definitely took the event to a whole another level.

The non-stop hoots, cheers, and roars were well received as the international DJ played to the requests of the students. The concert was also kept engaging and interactive as the Romanian sensation would often urge the crowd to complete the chorus for him. For some of his better known international hits such as That’s My Name, Stay With me, Kylie, the crowd would occasionally sing along with the DJ. The 1 hour riveting performance finally ended with what Akcent termed as ‘Delhi’s biggest selfie performance ever’.

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