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Gunday star-cast visits Kirori Mal College

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Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and director Ali Abbas Zafar visited Kirori Mal College on 10th February to promote their upcoming film, “Gunday” which is to hit theaters this Friday on Valentine’s Day. The star cast reached the fan packed college premises at 12:15pm making their way to the stage set at Ashoka Lawns for their interaction with exhilarated crowd of Delhi University. The college premises were under local police protection to manage the colossal crowd with help of barricades. Students’ entry on college ID card was opened and closed at regular intervals. The estimated crowd of 12,000 Delhi University students (as reported by the KMC Students’ Union) soon became unmanageable when the star cast came out to meet their young fans. The visit was a short one of approximately thirty minutes and due to security glitches the star cast and crew left the premises escorted by local police.

Within their paucity of time the stars interacted with the crowd and performed on their prominent dance number “Tune Maari Entriyaan” which drove the crowd crazy with excitement. The campus was roaring with hoots and cheers continuously throughout the event. Along with the pull and push the crowd seemed satisfied with the star interaction.


A first year Gargi college student who came to see the stars said, “The crowd was crazy. People were pushing people like nobody’s business, specially when the actors came out in public.”

Another second year student fan of the stars from Hindu College said, “It was amazing when they danced on Tune Maari Entriyaan. KMC Union made my dream come true.”


The student’s union bragged the populated pre-event by calling it “just a trailer” for their upcoming fest, Renaissance ’14 scheduled in the last week of February. Commenting on the successful pre-event, Jashvender Chauhan, President, KMC Students’ Union said, “This was the most crowded event in the history of KMC. We are proud of the grand opening to our annual fest, Renaissance ’14.”

Image courtesy: Abhishek Gupta

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