Movie Review: Krishh 3

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With a background score which pains the ears and song sequences which hurt the eye, one can wrack their brain and wonder how there’s a 200 crore markup for Krishh 3. The only inviting aspect about the movie is that you can relive your favourite Hollywood movies from the past and have a quick look at all of them in three hours. Krishh 3 has all the spices a Bollywood movie would have- a doting-loving father, a manic pixie dream girl wife, the third vertex to the love triangle and of course a villain. Rakesh Roshan has used the usual except with a little leap of faith in technology. Hrithik Roshan makes the roles of Dr. Rohit Mehra and Krishh believably disparate by donning the double role well. Vivek Oberoi plays a commendable villain despite his actions being physically restricted throughout the movie. Kangana Ranaut too carries off her role well, however it seems Priyanka Chopra has been merely used to bear more children and welcome more sequels to the franchise.

With an incessant romantic dance number between Ranaut and Roshan, with no new action sequences introduced to cinema, the same old superhero movie storyline and an extremely poor background score- Krishh 3 highly disappoints as it is nothing but an amalgamation of Hollywood flicks we’ve grown up watching. If only Rakesh Roshan realised that Indians do watch Hollywood superhero films, He’d probably have thrown in some originality and a tinge of creativity; that way Krishh 3 would have lived up to the expectations and hype.

With inputs from: Raashi Nahata

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