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TV Show Review: Revenge

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“This isn’t a story about forgiveness; this is a story of revenge”

I would say the title of a movie could have aptly been named Revenge, but when a T.V show has a name like that, one wonders how many people the protagonist has, to take out her vengeance! It has to be exhaustive and the series can’t stretch infinitely.


The story is loosely based on Alexandre Dumas novel The Count of Monte Cristo and revolves around a beguiling young woman Emily Thorne who moves to Hamptons to stay in the much sought after beach house in the neighborhood of the Grayson Global CEO Conrad Grayson and his socialite wife Victoria. But soon we know that the alluring Emily Thorne has a motive entirely different and a past rather dark. She was once known as Amanda Clarke, the daughter of David Clarke who was framed supposedly by the real culprits Graysons for bringing down a commercial airliner by supporting a terrorist organization. The plot thickens when Emily finds out that Graysons were responsible for murdering her father too. So our protagonist and her only accomplice Nolan Ross set out to destroy the lives of everyone even remotely related with her father’s downfall, especially Victoria Grayson, whose treachery had shaken the very roots of her father’s existence.


For a series like Revenge, the story line can get very predictable and monotonous but the creator Mike Kelley is successful in maintaining the suspense all through. The female protagonist portrays a strong character, one who is devoid of all emotions except hate. She will probably remind you of one of Sidney Sheldon’s creation with both beauty and intelligence as her weapons. The ways she employs in annihilating her victims is ingenious and the best part of all the episodes.

Backing the story line is the exquisite performance of its actors. Emily Van Camp is perfect for the role as she plays the mask of a charming lady with a serpent inside with ease. Victoria is played by Madeleine Stowe who again is flawless and beautiful in delivering her part of a woman who had to fight against her conscience and lose everything she once loved. The character of the unconventionally sexy Nolan Ross who is Emily’s side kick and his friendship and loyalty to Emily is as enticing as his sly and sarcastic dialogues.

I wonder how people write about themselves so effortlessly and adequately too! I for one find it arduous and extremely time consuming since when asked about me I go in a sort of trance “discovering myself” and all that and finally come up with nothing. So after the process I can say I dislike studying, like novels and music and coffee. Also, I am a second year B Com (Hons) student in Shri Ram College.

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