First year students to get laptops by the end of September

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For all those wondering where the laptops that were part of the large FYUP reform in the university are, there is news. Laptops have already started being distributed amongst students with disabilities through the University’s Equal Opportunities Cell, which has been known for its endurance and commitment towards the welfare of both faculty and students with disability of all kind. So far, 484 laptops have already been distributed in almost more than fifty colleges. Colleges like Kirori Mal are also holding functions for the distribution of these laptops.

These laptops – Lenovo or specifically, Thinkpads – have a variety of accessible software to make technology easier to use for students with disabilities. They use software like JAWS for students with visual impairment along with other screen readers and open source software that make mathematics easy for students with disabilities. They are also equipped with sound-to-text convertors for students with hearing impairments and give students the space to assign keys for certain commands in case they are unable to use both hands. Students will keep these laptops till the end of their college term.

As for other students of the general category, the laptops will be not distributed before September this year. At the inauguration ceremony of the media laboratory at Kalindi College, Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh said that all first year students will have personal laptops that the university promised by the end of September.

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