Shri Ram College of Commerce

SRCC welcomes new batch of students

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Shri Ram College of Commerce welcomed its new batch of students in the orientation ceremony on Tuesday, 23rd of July. Thousands of freshers turned up looking awestruck and jittery. Like every year, the orientation was conducted in the college auditorium which was jam-packed with students, the parents not being allowed to enter the hall.

The programme was short and simple with teachers and principal on the podium introducing students to the college and telling them the do’s and don’ts of college life. “We found their speeches very inspiring and impactful and I can’t wait for the college to begin”, says Samantha, one of the freshers.

A short session was also conducted by the Delhi police about the metro line, making them familiar with it and telling them how they can commute. The students were then taken to their respective classes and given the SRCC handbook after which lunch was served to them and their parents.

“I love the college even more and I feel I belong here already, the sports complex is awesome!” adds an over excited fresher.

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I wonder how people write about themselves so effortlessly and adequately too! I for one find it arduous and extremely time consuming since when asked about me I go in a sort of trance “discovering myself” and all that and finally come up with nothing. So after the process I can say I dislike studying, like novels and music and coffee. Also, I am a second year B Com (Hons) student in Shri Ram College.

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