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Crossroads 2013: Day 1

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The most awaited event of Delhi University, the Crossroads, finally arrived with a massive bang. The SRCC Students Union proved yet again that they are the best when it comes to organising and managing events. Right from the security to the star night with Salim and Salaiman, everything was perfect. This time the Union had special passes, a White electronic card which was distributed for free to non SRites as well. Just like any other year the footfall crossed 5000 students. Even after the space constraint, there was no stampede, which was feared by most.There were about 10 bouncers and girls and boys had separate entry. The concert left everybody speechless. The crowd waved, danced and sang along with Salim and Sulaiman. The entire team’s performance was electrifying. All I am left to say is I can’t wait for the second day of the fest, which will witness the Sunburn!   Aishwarya chaurasia ([email protected])]]>

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