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Smoke House Deli – Khan Market

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The term Deli is an abbreviation of the term ‘Delicatessen’ which means ‘delicacies’ or ‘fine foods’. The Smoke House Deli, situated among other cafes and restaurants of Khan Market, justifies this term to an extent. Their speciality is the smoked food served here, as is evident from the name. The first thing you tend to notice once you enter the place is the ambience. No, there is no wallpaper. The walls have been sketched with what seems to be a simple marker. With the use of this black marker and a plain white background, they have created the feel of a room which has a fireplace, windows (with birds sitting on them) and even a dog playing ball. A brilliant idea, which has been very well executed. This is the first thing that leaves an impression on your mind when you’re here.

Coming to the food, which is pretty good and also well presented. Their idea of serving water is also very interesting. The water jar contains a slice of orange and some mint leaves, giving the water a refreshing feel that also cleanses your palette. Their menu consists of breakfast options, a variety of eggs and omelettes, soups, sandwiches, and their signature burgers, hot dogs and bagels. They also serve pizzas and pastas. The drinks menu here includes fresh juices, smoothies, coolers, tea and coffee.

However, the cost comes out to be approximately Rs.1500 for two which is a bit on the higher side, but it is worth it. The service is also really good and worth mentioning here. Overall, The Smoke House Deli is a good place to enjoy a satisfactory meal.


Photo Credits: Abhimanyu Vir Pratap

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