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Pretty Little Liars, Book v/s TV Series

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Pretty Little Liars is about a group of five girls (Alison, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spenser) who are best friends and live perfect lives in a small town called Rosewood. Their life turns upside down when the leader of their posse, Ali, goes missing. The story begins when the Police find Ali’s body after three years of her disappearance and the four friends start getting devious messages about their secrets that they would much rather forget from an anonymous person signing off as A.

Personally, I liked the TV series much more than the books, probably because I saw the TV series first. It’s crisper and far more gripping as compared to the books. Books start to get boring and repetitive in between, especially when they go into flashbacks reliving a particular memory again and again for four different perspectives revealing just a tiny new detail. The TV series keeps you glued to your chair and makes it impossible to even blink. A major flaw in the TV series is that the age of these girls is shown to be 14, but their deeds are beyond their years. But the book portrays them as 16 thus making it believable.

Their love lives and personalities are portrayed very differently in the books as compared to the TV series. Hanna is made to look rather evil and Emily is way too timid and meek. In the books, the four of them never become friends, even though their lives often intersect. The thing I like about the books is that each chapter is written from a different girl’s perspective and therefore gives you insight into each of their lives.

However, the books lack drama and suspense. The twists and turns showed in the TV series are far more interesting and fascinating (Even Sara Shepard, the author, is hooked to the TV series).

Having seen the TV series first, I fell in love with Toby and my heart broke when he died in the book. Ezra and Aria broke up way too soon for my liking. And I hated the fact that Wren cheated on both Malissa and Spencer both. Having formed my loyalty to the TV series first, loving the books as much as the show is difficult. None the less, the books are definitely worth reading!

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