The First Step to MUNing

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What happens when you put together the Internet (in a time when browsing it is at the top of people’s everyday ‘To Do’ lists. Scratch that. They probably make their lists online) and MUNing (a most sought after activity by a large number of youngsters today) and create a virtual platform for MUN lovers? The Brainwiz MUN network has done exactly that. By creating a website for the country’s most experienced as well as potential MUNers, it enables one to socialize, create a profile featuring one’s academic and MUN related information, and track upcoming MUNs. If your college or school has an MUN society, there is a feature to register that as well.

The possibilities are endless. For newcomers who have always hesitated to start MUNing due to lack of information, resources or plain lack of confidence- Brainwiz MUN network provides ample opportunity to get acquainted with the process, to interact with the seasoned MUNers on a shared forum and start MUNing. For brilliant minds, there will always be room everywhere they go; this is especially true for an MUN where talentless experience can only get you so far.For people who have already MUNed before, the sitepromises a systemized way of keeping in touch with future MUN events, thus enabling them to continue the love affair.

The website also has an “Applications” tab to facilitate one to apply online for BrainwizMUN ’12. Brainwiz MUN is a simulation of the most powerful body in the most enigmatic way organized by the Brainwiz Organization, featuring on the 6th-7th October at a location as splendid as the campus of TERI University. Applications for the conference are rolling in at a thundering speed, and why wouldn’t they, with an application process as convenient, accessible and user-friendly. In a crisp manner are introduced the various committees to be simulated in the conference, along with the background guides. The server even recognizes you as having “applied” after you done so- making the entire process very quick and efficient.

So if you want it easy (and why shouldn’t you?), BrainwizMUN is the place to be!


-Menka Ahlawat

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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