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Hello Amma,
I am doing my B.A (Hons.) first year from an All Girls Colleges of the University.
I am a Lesbian, and although I make no efforts to hide it, I haven’t really ‘come out’ to my classmates. My classmates, atleast most of them are pretty open-minded and accepting when it comes to homosexuality, but inspite of that I don’t know how to let everyone (or at least those who are chill with it) know I am a Lesbian. I am single, so I can’t use the ‘I-was-talking-to-my-girlfriend’ trick either.
Could you tell me how to come out, without really having to shout it out? Or should I just let it be?


Before coming to your query let Amma show you the bright side in your life: you are in an all girl’s college. A place full of ripe coconuts for you to tap, secondly and more importantly the open minded people around you. Now macchhi shouldn’t you capitalize on these things!

Well before coming out of the closet you must be confident in yourself, and should have made peace with the fact that you are attracted to the same sex. The key is to choose the right person to begin with. If this target fish of yours is hooked well, the rest of the sea shall be a piece of banana cake with filter coffee. And since you can’t slip it in casually, do go through a sort of script or be confident and careful with the words and tone you use. Once you have your close friends taken care of, go on further and let others or more casual friends know, this will help with your self confidence.

You will also have to brace yourself for awkward questions or homophobic behaviour. Girls’ colleges usually have some separate group or society to help and counsel the baffled macchiis like you, so if not in your college do get in touch with such a group.

So once you have let the people (those who matter) know Amma would love to hear from you and your girlfriend. Do make sure you let Amma know how your curry is boiling and buzz me anytime you want help in spicing it up!


You could mail Amma your queries on the ‘hush hush’ topic a[email protected].

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