You know you are at Tarang 2012 when .. (Highlights of Day 1)

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  1. Testosterone flows freely on campus and makes nascent flowers bloom. Literally and figuratively.
  2. Girls take a huge leap of faith and get a haircut at the ‘Shagun beauty parlour’ stall at the festival. Their pamphlet proudly informs us that Manish (whoever that is) is back.
  3. The reason behind the oohs and the aahs near the food stalls is not the presence of able bodied men but the red velvet cake which has a rather ‘sweet disposition’ and sells out like a Shahrukh Khan movie during Diwali.
  4. You see the Student’s Union frantically walking around the venue, walkie talkies in tow. The expression on their faces is a peculiar amalgamation of stress, over work, resilience and a big dollop of tolerance.
  5. A band tries to cover the current cult classic ‘Sadda Haq’ during the battle of the bands competition but fails.
  6. Bands like ‘soul’d out’ infuse life and immense energy to the competition and the ada with which the lead singer throws off his muffler when it begins to hinder his moves has the audience asking for more. However, the clear winner of hearts ladies and gents is the saxophone.
  7. You spot a pretty girl dressed to the hilt in high heels and think to yourself ‘Ah! First years’ *pronounced head shake*.
  8. You wait for what seems like an eternity and a half in a queue that resembles one outside the US Visa Offices or the Sidhivinayak temple on a 1st January morning to watch the Choreo Dance Competition and if you are lucky enough to get inside the auditorium you send a quick thank you prayer to Baba Jugaad.
  9. The flexibility and elasticity of the dancers leaves you aghast and makes you feel like the couch potato you once warned the audience about during a school debate on man vs machine.
  10. You overhear the girl standing in front of you singing “Laaast Taaaraangg I gaaave youuu maa haaart but thaa verrry next day youuu gave it awaay, theees yearr to saaave meee fraam teeears I gayyvee it to someone eespeciaaal” (sic) while standing in (yet another) unending queue to watch Them Clones perform.Pragya Lal
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