Lady Shri Ram College for Women

LSR Anti-Ragging Campaign with a Twist

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Last week, the LSR Dramatics Society was all set to prove how action speaks louder than words, as they emerged with a new concept of performing an Invisible Play in their college cafeteria during the recess when a large crowd of startled spectators was expected.

No individual except for the dramatics society members knew about this tiny four minute act, which was staged in the most natural conditions like a day-to-day scenario. It created a buzz in the café when a bunch of seniors vented out their anger and frustration on 2 freshers by ragging them in the most uncouth manner. There was a massive commotion which initially left several students concerned and engaged in observing it. However, after the victimized freshers were rescued by another set of seniors, a brief and crisp speech was presented along with a call song in order to highlight the scarring consequences of ragging.

The juniors and even some of the second and third year students were startled to know that all the characters were a part of the play and an instant response was received by the students as many of them joined in during the call song march.

This initiative was taken in order to make the juniors aware of their rights as students of the college. It was a demonstration for them to retaliate in the right way in case they faced a similar situation.

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