Strike in DU

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A strike on 16th January called by central university teachers forced DU colleges to postpone internal examinations slated for that day.
The strike was called in protest against the UGC’s Career Advancement Scheme meeting to decide on the teachers’ service conditions.
FEDCUTA president Aditya Narayan Mishra, who is also the chief of DUTA, said: “The UGC had assured that the proposed service conditions would be suitably amended, but now it is going ahead with the meeting without consulting the teachers. It is going to adopt conservative service conditions recommend by the committee.” The recommendations enlisted criteria for promotion of teachers, which is an academic performance indicator. Based on these parameters the teachers would have to earn points for their promotion.
The teachers will earn 150 points for their performance – teaching, familiarity with up – to date teaching material and participation in external/internal examination work. Another 50 points will be awarded for contribution to professional activity by dint of being members on different boards of studies and higher education committees.
Also, they will get 10 points for writing in research journals; 20 points for publishing books or chapters in books by international publishers; 20 points for participation in seminars, conferences and workshops; and 15-20 points for recognition at international, national and regional level.
Furthermore, they will get 10 points for responsibilities such as vice-principal, dean, director or bursar. Membership to professional associations would also earn them additional 5 points.
Awards from recognized international and national associations carry 50 points, while recognitions like a Padmashri or anything from international organizations such as UNESCO would be another 50 points.
Presidents of FEDCUTA affiliating from various universities said the parameters for promotion were baseless.

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