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Talking about Facebook may seem like news of a previous era, but it is our duty to bring to you news that may be affecting your lives directly or indirectly. There have been reported few problems in our very own Facebook chat window.
A common lament faced by all students is the delay in replying to messages sent by the person with whom you’re conversing. The process gets hanged, and thus delayed, when the other person starts typing.
“It goes off randomly and at times it takes ages to send a message. After all that, a cherry on the top is when the message does not even reach. It’s painful and irritating. My message reaches the recipient late and vice versa, so it’s like we are having a conversation on different levels,” says Surabhi Tondon.

If nothing else binds us, it’s this. It is not less than a universal lament. This problem seems to be present irrespective of what browser you use and what country you live in.

Arjun, a student in Canada says “It’s so slow that I have stopped using it. I prefer to chat on MSN. At least the conversation is intact and coherent.”
Adds Surabhi,“My cousin from US faces the same problem and to correct it, she updated her internet speed.”
Looking at the facts, it seems like an internal server problem needs to be corrected soon. Already people are switching over to other methods of communication. This may cost the most popular networking site a huge loss of its customers’ loyalties.

Geetika adds. “Overall Facebook is a wonderful site. I don’t know what would I have done without it, but these problems certainly prove to be disincentives to chat online.”

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