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In focus : Quizzing in DU

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Quizzing fanatic? Have the lust for knowledge? Then DU is the right place to be in folks!

With a decent number of colleges in the University into substantial and serious quizzing, competion here is fairly cut throat. Oxymoron eh?

A few noteworthy quiz clubs in the University are Quiz Club of St Stephen’s College, Illuminati of Hans Raj College, the Quiz Club of Lady Shri Ram College, Jigyasa of Miranda House, and Manthan of Hindu College and so on. Quiz societies such as these focus on quizzes at the university level, as also the inter university level. The quizzing scene in DU is vibrant in its own ways, to say the least, and more so during the festival season. Every academic session, the various quiz societies hold mock written quizzes to recruit the talented and intelligent. The best are inducted and initially trained at professional quizzing, and later on sent as representatives of their respective colleges. Very often, it’s a routine feature to be just venturing out to actually see how quizzing is conducted in the university. This is considered one of the best ways to learn.

Festivals are big in DU and quizzing is very much an active part of them. The annual fest of St Stephen’s College is called Quizzotica, which holds inter departmental, freshers’ quiz and the Stephen’s quiz during Harmony, their college fest. LSR has wall quizzes every week, as well as online quizzes put up on the college website every fortnight. Their inter college quiz Quirosity is a major hit in the quizzing circuit. Meanwhile Hans Raj’s society has Ipso Facto the general quiz and Izklaide, the entertainment quiz. A lot of other colleges like Hindu and Ramjas have their own brilliant teams and so the inter college competitions are a treat to watch, if not participate!

Want to be part of the college intelligentsia? Join your quiz soc now!

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