Fact File : Courses of DU reviewed

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Predicting what somebody will do in college is pretty much like predicting what one would buy in a well-stocked candy store. The person may emerge with a beguiling variety of interesting goodies, or may emerge clutching the same tasty treat that has pleased his/her palate in years past. So while we can’t tell you what to buy from the store, we can give you an idea of which aisles to purchase from. So DU Beat brings you the verdict, straight from the horse’s mouth as students review their own courses.

Political Science : This is not a dry and distant course on the structure and functions of the Lok Sabha. On the contrary, it teaches you to politicize and theorize absolutely everything around you. If studied well, it can open your mind to a whole new world of radical ideas and interpretations. The first year course on political theory is crucial to your understanding of the subject. However, with papers on Indian politics, international relations and comparative politics, the second year of the programme is most enjoyable. Third year throws open the possibility of choosing a paper from a number of options, including a course on feminism, the United Nations, etc.

P.S.: Steer clear of guidebooks if you really want to love and live the subject. Colleges with good Political Science departments: LSR, Hindu College.

Applied Psychology : Now this particular course, as one student appropriately puts it, is “industry oriented”. It demands heavy research work and multiple field trips primarily to facilitate a practical application of what the student has learnt . As a major advantage, it adds on to your exposure on field, and gives a sense of what it would be like to work there. So anyone who wants to take up applied psychology must be prepared for tons of reports to be completed, a lot of research work, and to add to that, a series of sleepless nights.

To make it clearer, here is a brief account on the course structure for you.

If you choose Applied Psychology , you will be covering General Psychology, Systems and theories in psychology , statistics and research methodology in the first year along with fun experiments concerning mental testing.
Second year will see a lot of field exposure with social psychology (with field experiments), industrial psychology (again with field studies), statistics and research methodology again.
In the third year, students get to choose between developmental and advertising psychology along with a compulsory paper in abnormal psychology.
And finally, to tell you guys how easy or difficult it will be to get through this course, here’s a synopsis of the last years’ cut offs.

This course is also available for male students It is available in Gargi college, Sri Aurobindo (E) College, SPM College and Vivekananda college.


Philosophy (Hons) : Those who opt for Philosophy (Hons) expecting it to be an easy, boring course are in for a surprise. The syllabus is pretty interesting for 1st years, who are introduced to the 9 schools of Indian philosophy including Jainism, Buddhism and Vedanta along with a bit of Math. It gets even better in the 2nd year with themes like history of western philosophy, early Greek and social and political philosophy. 3rd year students will have ethics and contemporary Greek philosophy among other subjects. As is commonly assumed, the course isn’t all about mindless ‘rattoing’, but is in fact open to discussion, allowing for creative interpretations of the various theories. Time to look past stereotypes and give the course its due credit, we say!

Cut offs (according to last year)
67 – 73: JDM, KNC, Gargi, Daulat Ram, IP,78: Miranda Hindu: 74-89 LSR – 84.5, Stephens : 84

Economics honours : This is easily one of DU’s most hankered after courses. Although it is categorized as an arts subject it involves a lot of application. The course includes mathematics, statistics and principles of economics, all of which revolve around reasoning and application .This course is definitely not a a static subject, and contrary to popular misconception it is not an exceedingly uphill one either if one has their basics clear. In fact the course enables students to have a better understanding of day to day life

The 2nd year is one of the toughest and undoubtedly one of the most theoretically inclined. Good news for the math-phobic ones: you can easily drop it in the second year and go in for something else like political science The third year syllabus is comparatively easy ,as relatively speaking the subject load is less than the previous year.

Eco students are also said to have an edge during On the whole Eco. Hons is a very dynamic , porous course.

Colleges good for economics: St. Stephens, Hansraj, Sri Venkateswara college , LSR.

Cut offs : Last year

LSR :94
Stephens: 96( For commerce students)
Kirori Mal College: 89.75 for science students
JMC: 91( humanities)
Hindu: 90 ( humanities)

Mass Media and Mass Communication : This is a one-of-a-kind course offered by DU. Many DU colleges offer courses in journalism but Indraprastha College for Women is the only college that offers a consolidated course in mass communication. This is an all-embracing course and hence, admission to this course is held via a three-tier entrance. It covers almost every aspect of media and endows the students with a plethora of avenues.

The first year primarily focuses on print media along with a basic understanding of the functioning of various media in India. The second year revolves around the diverse field of advertising, while the third year gives a hands-on experience of camera handling and film production.

In a nutshell, this 3-year course is a comprehensive degree that enables its students to pursue a full-fledged career in media, even without a PG.

English Honours : Contrary to popular belief, English Honours is not about Grammar, or writing letters and essays the CBSE way. It deals more with understanding and interpreting Literature.

The three years course encompasses Literature from all over the world. The course begins with Victorian and Indian fiction from the 19th and the 20th century respectively and goes on to Shakespeare in the second year .The second year is particularly enjoyable for the choice of optional papers; you could read classical epics, popular fiction or European drama- suiting your interest. We go on to reading post colonial Literature and Modernism in the last year.

The course is enlightening if you take interest, but it can just as easily become your worst nightmare if you don’t harbour any love for the written word.

Colleges reputed for this course: LSR ,Miranda House, St. Stephens , JMC, , Kamla Nehru College , Hansraj and Venky.

History : This course is not treated very favourably by a large number of college aspirants. It is the utilitarian subjects such as eco and b.com that turn their heads. A deeper look at the curriculum provide us just the reasons for avoiding or embracing the past(History Hons).

Through the course of three years it delves into India’s antiquity, medieval attitudes and modern ways. Accompanying this is the story of human evolution, history of ancient Europe, providing a compelling tale of the Romans and the Greek. Rise of Modern Western Europe, American or Russian history, as per choice, keeps the second year nice and varied. Third year carries along Chinese and Japanese history, Rise of Moughals and History of Modern Europe.

It is intriguing for the inquisitive sort, showcasing the world trends and currents. Disastrous failures and miraculous successes of the venturesome and the unfortunate are aplenty; choose carefully!

Colleges reputed for History Hons: Hansraj, Hindu, St. Stephens, JMC ,LSR

B.Com (Hons) : You guys have a lot to study! 6 mains in 1st year itself, including financial accounting, stats, computers and even a bit of business law and along with that, 2 subsidiaries. 2nd year brings with it another 6 main papers (corporate accounting, business mathematics, income tax law and practice…etc.) plus 3 subsidiary ones. Those who make it to 3rd year will have the pleasure of studying macroeconomics, management accounting, Indian economy and other fun topics. Already cringing? Well, at least you will be spared the Qualifying Hindi exam that your friends from other courses will have to give in the 1st year!

Cut offs of colleges known to excel in this course:

Hansraj: 94-95
Hindu: 94-97
LSR: 95.5
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College: 90-95
SRCC: 94.5-98
Venky: 94.3-95
JMC: 93

(Contributions : Aditi, Aina, Tanya, Anmol, Mehroo, Himani and Kriti)

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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