CAREER COLUMN: Civil Aviation

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-Diksha Grover

The field of aviation has been booming expansively with almost 20 lakh jobs expected in this industry, within the next five years.

Apart from the classy uniform and the luxurious lifestyle pilots adapt to and adopt, there is much more to lure you. With a dearth of 5000 pilots in the next five years, this profession is not just about impassioned thrill but also big time money-minting.


· 10+2 with physics and mathematics (Students without science necessarily have to pass the physics and math exam, privately.)
· Age 16 above for Student Pilot License, Age 17 above for Private Pilot License and compulsorily 18 years and above for Commercial Pilot License.
· Appeared for Class II medical from a DGCA approved doctor. Then applied and cleared Class I medical exam by any of the four Air-force Medical Institutions.
· Need to have studied ground training before applying for a Visa, in order to study aviation abroad.

Recommended Flight schools

In India, The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA), Rae Barelli & Orient Flight School (OFS), Chennai are well-known institutions, under the DGCA. Flying clubs all over India also do offer DGCA flight training. As these flight schools ask for handsome amounts to be paid in installments and easily accept loans, students enjoy the privilege of such institutions in India. However, as compared to flight schools abroad (that do not favor installment payments and are quite reluctant towards loans), Indian institutions take 3 years to finish the 250 hours CPL training which in the U.S. and in Philippines is given to students in a span of 6 months.
*To know more about Indian Flight Schools, visit www.dgca.nic.in*

The Pay-Load

Aviation is a career that involves a 6-18 months training which involves almost 22-25 lakh expenditure in U.K, Australia, Canada and some of the flight schools in America, but more-or-less comes down to 16-18 lakh of immediate payment in America, Philippines, Singapore, Dubai etc.
In India it comes up to 15-20 lakh for a 3 year course of 250 hours of flying.
Banks like SBI have started offering loans called ‘Pilot Program Loans’ and ‘Professional Loans’ which may offer up to 15 lakh after the property mortgage.

Job Prospects

Unlike any other collegiate degree, the Indian license enables a pilot to fly for any airlines- earn and gain the rest of the 1000 hours (while working) in order to become a senior captain on flight. The greater numbers of hours earned by a pilot, the better the chances are of international flying. The co-pilot’s pay package starts from 25 grand to almost a lakh, monthly (depending upon the airline). A senior pilot manages almost 80 grand to 4 lakh per month; an international airline aviator grabs around 8 to15 lakh in a month. Though the license conversion & the Class I Medical are the only two obstacles in the race, but the point is- It’s worth it! All the money you accept as loan, you can easily repay it back in a matter of months!

The only problem that lies behind this profession is monotony. If you’re the kind of person who can sit with auto-piloted machines for hours in a single cabin, still monitoring the controls, still feeling the aerodynamic pressure in your ears, still not wanting a change from the tiring flight and not getting bored- because flying for you is about safety, responsibility & passion…go for it…because it’s you who is wanted the most out there!

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