Ramjas Tennis Tournament

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Inter Department Lawn Tennis Tournament, Ramjas College, D.U.: A Report – Aastha Gupta

With the ATP tournaments round the corner even Delhi University got a taste of the Tennis magic. Ramjas College organized an Inter-Department Lawn Tennis Tournament on 7th February, 2008. It involved tournaments for both men and women. Participation was open for students from all the academic departments of the college. It was held in the lawn tennis clay courts of the college.

It started with the men’s tennis which received overwhelming participation from the departments of History, Political Science, English and B.A (Programme). On the afternoon of 7th February, 2008, the tournament was kick started with a pre-quarter round, followed by the quarters and the semi-final round. The scene was set and eyes fixed on the exciting duels. The court that looked so crowded in the early afternoon, was nearly unoccupied by the evening. It ended with the two strongest players making it to the finals of the tournament.

The final round of this tournament was held on 8th February, 2008. The icy winters failed to shake the determination of the two finalists: Avinash, B.A. (Prog) Final Year, and Paurush, Political Sc.(Hons) IInd Year. From the very beginning, Paurush was leading, with the score of 1-0. But, Avinash was quick enough to bring it upto 1-1. It was a very exciting match as both the players put up a good fight. There was an alternate cheering for Avinash and Paurush by the crowd.
The match had reached its final stage, with a score of 6-6. A tie-breaker round of 10 points was then declared. The players, full of zest and energy, started the round with Paurush taking the lead. Everything seemed to be in the favor of Paurush. But, after the score of 2-6, Avinash retained his form and to everyone’s surprise, covered the mighty gap of 4 points by pulling up his score to 6-6.
The match proceeded in quite an unpredictable manner. After the score of 8-8, there were still no hopes of either of them emerging as a winner. Both the players looked tired yet full of zeal and energy. Although, the players were equally competent, only one of them could have grabbed the first position. The thrilling match ended with Avinash emerging as the winner of the tournament. The final score was 8-10.
Both the players had displayed their excellent skills in the match. The Sports Department of Ramjas College has been keeping up the good work of organizing such tournaments in various sports. Such events boost the morale of the students and provide them with a platform to harness their future in the sporting arena.
Such tournaments help in breaking the monotony of the usual academic routine. Ramjas College believes in grooming and nurturing the talents in students.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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