10 Women You Must Follow On Social Media

These women are magazine editors, models, researchers, engineers, writers, and more. They promote feminism and support an array of causes all the while being extremely good at what they do. Follow them for a daily dose of inspiration.

  1. Elaine Welteroth is the former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Under her leadership, Teen Vogue has been writing out-of-the-box, political, and revolutionary pieces that provide teen girls the right kind of content in order to grow. Her Instagram features photos of her at Women’s Marches, participating and advocating for the cause of women and minorities.
  2. Imaan Sheikh is a Dubai based Buzzfeed writer. Her social media activity includes sharing hard-hitting pieces along with light content. Given the nature of work-profile, she is updated with the current news. She is witty and has well-formed opinions on most current issues that are expressed with humour.
  3. Dr. Jane Goodall is a British primatologist and is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Her work on animal conservation is legendary and her joining Instagram was a way to connect the newer generation with her work. Dr. Goodall is highly respected, acclaimed, and admired. Following her on social media would be a great way to know more about the life and work of a woman of who is regarded as a living legend.
  4. Twinkle R. Khanna is a writer, producer, and columnist. She writes about gender and is outspoken on twitter regarding issues close to her heart. Khanna belongs to a new tribe of Indian celebrities who do not shy from having a public stance on political issues.
  5. IronRing Girls is an Instagram handle that encourages women to pursue STEM courses, especially engineering and gives them tips and tricks to stand out in these male-dominated spheres. Engineers in Canada upon graduation are given an iron ring something that has become a matter of immense pride today, hence the name of the handle. IronRingGirls, run by Civil Engineer Mina Dezz, shares memes on engineering, tips on how to ace interviews, time management, and self-improvement. Women are highly under-represented in the field of STEM and this page tries to motivate women to keep going by sharing relatable and motivational content.
  6. Aranya Johar is a 19-year-old slam poet and social media activist based in Mumbai. Johar is active on Instagram and often uses stories to update people on current issues. What makes following her even more interesting is the fact that she acknowledges her mistakes and willingly updates people after researching on a particular incident if her knowledge of the subject is limited. Her candor and honesty make it easier to grasp the content shared by her.
  7. Michele Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, is a proud South Side Chicago girl. Her activism has not dwindled even after moving out from the White House. She writes about her personal adventures, about the Obama Foundation, all the while bringing up and thanking the strong women in her life on her social media handles.
  8. Paula Brostein is a global photojournalist and author. She posts photos from refugee camps and documents their losses, gains, small joys, and stories. Her work is touching and brilliant and her brand of storytelling puts things in perspective.
  9. Ashley Graham is a model and body positivity activist. She promotes the idea of beauty beyond size and has fiercely promoted a raw and authentic version of herself on social media. Her Instagram includes aspects of her that some would see as “imperfections”, but Graham embraces these aspects of herself and encourages her followers to do the same.
  10. Mindy Kaling is a comedian and actress who actively promotes feminism on her social media handles. Photos from the women’s march, quotes from Cher, along with a healthy dose of humour is what one can expect from Kaling’s Instagram.These women have created a significant impact on the lives of people around them. With the rise of the internet, social media activism is becoming a more legitimate platform to debate and discuss. Following the right people on platforms where we spend a large chunk of our time, can make our idle scrolling educational.


Feature Image Credits: Boston Magazine

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