DU’s Inter College Fest Antardhvani cancelled for 2016

The winds of change have been hovering over Delhi University all year and finally we are beginning to see their impact. Delhi University has announced that it will not be holding its inter-college festival Antardhvani this year. The three-day fest usually held towards the end of February or early March was regarded as one of the former Vice Chancellor’s many devices used to showcase the success of the numerous changes he made in Delhi University during his tenure, be it the semester system or the four-year undergraduate program that was scrapped in 2014. With Mr. Singh no longer at the helm of DU, Antardhvani has seemingly been done away with at least for this year.

An official from the administration said that no one has the initiative or guts to carry forward the fest, which earned itself a very controversial reputation since its inception in 2013. Whereas the administration regarded it as a widely popular fest that united colleges across the university and its students, those who opposed the VC all these years have repeatedly dismissed it as nothing more than a platform to showcase the “successful changes” implemented by him in the university over the years. Teachers across colleges have finally spoken out against the fest complaining about how everything came to a standstill during those three days, how colleges were expected to organize themselves around the fest and how sometimes students and teachers were pressurized to participate.

With Mr. Singh’s departure it seems that that many of the changes he had made during his time as Vice Chancellor are not being carried on by the administration as he had probably hoped. Apart from Antardhvani, the Gyanodaya Express Project and the Idea Incubation Centres, which were due to be established in all colleges, have also seemingly been stalled as of now.

With DU going through this prolonged period of administrative changes for the past couple of years, one has to wonder how long it is before everything set up under Mr. Singh (namely the CBCS system) is brought to a standstill.


Shraman Ghosh

shramang@dubeat.com ; Shraman graduated from Modern School Barakhamba Road and is currently pursuing Economics Honours at Hindu College. In addition to writing, Shraman loves reading books and constantly tries to make himself better aware of the world around him. His pastimes include community service and theatre which he actively pursues in college. He hopes to complete his undergrad and do masters in Economics or Finance so that he can try and contribute to our country's economic development and growth. He loves travelling and is a massive foodie as well.

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