Zephyr-The Film and Photography Society of CVS in association with Happiness is Love (HIL) conducted a seminar on 27th September, 2017 in the Seminar Hall of College of Vocational Studies. The seminar commenced at 11 a.m as the chief guest Ms. Jyotika Bedi the founder of Project Happiness Is Love (HIL) along with her team gave the students an introduction of the projects HIL aims at.
Ms. Jyotika Bedi also made students aware of some more projects that they work on which includes Emotion Drive Project which focuses on creating a world that needs more happiness and love rather than self centered and selfish people and another Project- Global Women Roof that helps the women entrepreneurs and all other women who require any help from all walks of life.
Apart from these projects, she had a discussion on topics like youth are the future leaders and the game changers and enlightened the students about Kynatic Potential Explorers which has been running since 15 years, helping students to find their paths in life and choosing the right career for them.
After the talk session, a quick ice-break challenge was performed where in 10 volunteers were supposed to tell one negative life incident and what how they learned one positive aspect of life from it.
Also, another activity was performed where the students were divided in groups of 10 with one leader each, to decide what happiness means to them and what happiness does not mean to them. The leaders were supposed to go up on stage and share the views of their entire group on the given topic.
Lastly, the results for the Online Photography Competition were declared and the top 3 winners along with the 12 runner ups were called up on stage to collect their prizes and certificates from the judges.
In the end Zephyr thanked the team of HIL for this fruitful collaboration and for making this event a huge success.

On November 10, Zephyr, the film and photography society of College of Vocational Studies, organised Zoom In 2.0. It was the society’s first open air exhibition and featured more than 200 photographs, all displaying work done by the members of the society. The exhibitions saw students and teachers of the college attending and appreciating the work.

Zoom In 2.0 was not just an exhibition but also presented an opportunity through two competitions, Musiclick and Picturesque, where photographers were given a platform to showcase their talents at being interpretive and creative.

The team behind Zoom In 2.0
The team behind Zoom In 2.0

The event began after the inaugural ribbon – cutting ceremony by the Principal of the college. Picturesque was a DSLR photography competition where adjusting the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture) was the key, but interpreting the themes was the real test. The themes for the competition were Hope, Depth, and Rule of Thirds. Musiclick was a song based mobile photography competition. The teams were allotted a variety of songs and had to click pictures based on the lyrics and the story of the song.

The event met with success, with more than 150 participants in the competitions and praise for the organisation and exhibition.

Pictures and content by Zephyr, the film and photography society of CVS

The English Literary Society of Shri Ram College Of Commerce, will be conducting its three day annual literary festival Zephyr, under the theme ‘Utopia,  from 22nd to 24th February respectively. The first day of this lit fest witnessed substantial participation from different colleges across Delhi University and provided platform for those seeking to apply their creativity diverse forms of literature.

The day started with the first event- Timepan, a creative writing competition, yet with a twist of strategy building and bidding. One had to bear in mind the cost of time to write a piece of fiction (both poetry and prose). It was followed by another event- Newsroom 2.0, a blend of drama a false news reporting and was subsequently judged by the Bazinga team of DU Beat. The teams were given with a fictional headline (like Rahul Gandhi invites Sunny Leone to Congress) and were required to enact this piece of information for ten minutes in the most ingenious way possible. First position was secured by Yashasvi Tak, Bhartendu Verma, Ishita Kishore, Vasu and Avikal Parashari from SRCC for their performance on the topic ‘KRK goes to Hollywood’.

Durjoy Dutta
Durjoy Dutta


After the events came the most awaited speaker session. Durjoy Dutta, an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur, famous for works such as ‘Of Course I Love You’, ‘She Broke Up, I Didn’t!’, ‘Hold My Hand’ and other notable titles, addressed the crowd and bagged their support and appreciation, by his modesty and compassion. He talked about his journey towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer, on how he had to quit his job and after sheer hardwork and support from his family, finally found success. He confessed that in his initial few releases, he wrote about his ex-girlfriend, who happens to be an alumnus of SRCC.  On being asked in a Q&A round, he revealed that he hasn’t really tried his hand on Thriller but will surely be working on it in coming years.

The day ended with the second keynote speaker of the day, Ravinder Singh, bestselling author of ‘I Too Had A Love Story’ and ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’. He shared his experiences, answered questions by his fans and also motivated the students to pursue their dreams. “Organising a literary festival in a college is a new experience altogether, as it requires a new perspective and focusing on new concepts. Moreover, the ELS team has put in tremendous efforts this year to make it a success and I’m proud to be a part of such a dedicated team.” said Archita Mittal, Public Relations Head of ELS, SRCC.

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