Amidst the series of cut-offs that the University of Delhi offers your way, in one of the lists lies the primal score for admission into your desired field. Once you hit that lucky number on the list, you will revel in the thought of cancelling the enrolment in that back-up college you had initially gotten admitted into. Before you begin this process of withdrawal, here are a few pointers to help you trace this journey with rationale and clarity.

  1. What and Why: The need to secure a seat

The cut-off trends possess a tendency to waver and flicker every academic year. In this mayhem, it is imperative that you exercise prudence when it comes to admissions. If the first, second, third lists betray your anticipated cut-off, ensure that you still secure a seat in your backup college/course. With your heart temporarily placated and consoled into waiting and hoping, be sure to keep a tab on the lists that are to follow, as they can offer you a slightly/majorly better option.

  1. The Process: Step 1

Fancy this: on June 20th, you have enrolled into a course, say B.Com (Hons.) in College B, despite eagerly wanting to get into College A for B.A. (Hons.) Economics. In the third cut-off list, the percentage requirement for College A drops and matches your score. Congratulations! Now before in elation you run off to cancel your admission, check and confirm with College A if your Best of Four is correctly calculated according to their guidelines. Visit the college if need be, or check their website. Once your enrolment is withdrawn and cancelled, you will then be able to access other courses and colleges on the admissions portal.

  1. The Process: Step 2

The usual process entails visiting the college with a cancellation form (available on the undergraduate admissions portal), a cancelled cheque (in some colleges), and the fee receipt previously obtained. You might be required to fill a cancellation form at College B, after which you can collect your original documents that were previously submitted. You will then proceed to College A with these documents, the college-specific form filled online, and fulfil all other formalities which were followed the first time. You shall repeat the usual admissions process to enrol into College A. The first admission, which is cancelled, does not lead to immediate return of the fee payment but instead takes a duration of one or two months. So, manage your finances accordingly as it might require double, and in some cases triple, payment on your part.

The DU Beat team wishes you all the best throughout the admissions process!


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Saumya Kalia
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