Victim Trashed


Another case of road rage has rocked the University campus. According to a Times of India report, a Delhi University student was roughed up by two men, when he complained to them about their wrongly parked vehicle. The incident unfolded near Bungalow road on 21st July when the victim was heading back to his hostel with a friend. He was on a scooter when he saw a car parked in the middle of the road with the owner standing on the other side. The victim, who is a resident of Jubilee Hall, walked upto the car owner and asked him to move his car in order to clear the traffic which was built up due to the wrongly parked vehicle. This allegedly enraged the accused who then trashed the victim in front of several people who remained mute spectators to the event.

The victim even accused the persons of trying to run him over twice. The victim was also threatened by the accused not to register a complaint regarding the incident. In a copy of the FIR, which is available with this newspaper the accused was reported threatening the victims with words like  “tera university mein rehna mushkil kardenge, hum chandrawal ke gaali no.7 ke rehne waale hein”  and “beta agar police ke pass gaya toh  tu mara jayega”. The accused fled from the spot as people started building up around.

The victim was taken to Bara Hindu Rao hospital from where a PCR call was made and his family members were informed. The police officials informed that a case has been registered and teams were formed to identify the accused. The accused duo have been arrested, while one of them is a DU student the other one works in a private firm. Speaking to DU beat on condition of anonymity a senior police official informed that the investigation in on and further information would be revealed after investigation is over.

Image Credits: www.dnaindia.com


Sandeep Samal

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