Aries: you might suffer a loss or experience a set back. Also there might be a feeling that you have made the wrong choice. Don’t let go of hope and keep trying. This may be an important week as far as personal relationships are concerned. Learn to acknowledge your mistakes.

Taurus: you believe in accepting responsibility and finding out facts. It’s a time where you find solutions to your problems and also the strength to overcome obstacles. Be honest as far as emotions are concerned. This week marks the beginning of something new and positive.

Gemini: you might come across as rude and tactless due to your outspoken nature. Act only if you are sure about something and can continue with it in the future. Though you know what you are talking about give others a chance to explain their point of view.

Cancer: you are popular, appealing and create a powerful first impression. You quietly demonstrate self-confidence and inner vibrancy. Do whatever you are interested in but with total dedication and give it your best shot. Spontaneity is the key word this week.

taking the easy way out might not always work in your favor. You prefer to stay alone this week and rethink your decisions. Be careful of people taking undue advantage and deceiving you. You might discover something you aren’t expecting at all.

Virgo: you insist on fairness and acting on ethical principles. Balance all factors and take into account each detail. This week sets the course for the future and you need to accept results you have created. The best way to handle a relationship as of now is to commit and be honest.

Libra: you feel content and happy with the way things are this week. Harmony is restored and you feel at ease again. It’s a time to bond with family members and welcome new relationships too. A close friend may require your support and help.

Scorpio: you are in a world of fantasies and get caught up in illusions easily usually. There is a lack of focus and determination. Avoid being lazy and look at the limitless possibilities around you. A good week for any sort of romantic engagement.

Sagittarius: you need to take a break and give your body/mind some time to heal. Time to tie up loose ends. You gain a better perspective and learn to listen to your inner voice finally. Examine your motivations before you put thoughts into action.

Capricorn: use your mind and be truthful. Think everything through. This week brings with it luck and clears up all the confusion. You refuse to be discouraged and face problems. Try to treat all your friends equally and avoid being judgmental.

Aquarius: you need to think of your own needs now. Concentrate o self-interest. But avoid losing sight of what is right. You might experience conflict and choose to battle. Be careful of people indulging in power plays around you. A good time to express your emotions.

you might feel insecure and feel that you are going through a period of hardships. This may be a time when you take up an unpopular position and feel excluded. Don’t neglect your health. Also don’t be discouraged by disapproval.

Tarot by Jessica Sadana. Contact [email protected] for a personalized tarot reading. Photo courtesy ‘The Abysmal Tarot – 8 – Behemoth.’