The season 11 of Supernatural ended on a high note with the kidnapping of Sam Winchester and a gift from Amara for Dean – Mary Winchester! Season 11 delved deep in mythology with The God, Amara – God’s sister and Darkness, Lucifer, world coming to an end and the usual angels and demons. But it also left a lot questions unanswered, so this season is all about going back to the roots. We’ll see a lot of family moments, re-unions, bromance and a kick-ass Castiel!

Read on to know more about the brand new season of Supernatural premiering on 13th October, 2016!

Spoiler Alert!

Mom’s back!

Straight out of season 1, we’ll see one of the major characters back in Supernatural season 12 – Mary Winchester! For those of you who haven’t guessed it or didn’t see the season 11 finale, well, Mary Winchester is Sam and Dean’s mom. She came back as a gift from Amara to Dean.

Being a descendent of hunters, Mary will join the hunting expeditions with her sons and Castiel. Together with Castiel and Dean, she’ll save Sam from the British Men of Letters in episode one.

Also, it’ll be interesting to see something other than the bromance between the two titular characters and see their mom in action. Supernatural has always been about the family bonds, so putting Mary Winchester into the mix will only strengthen the show’s central theme.

Sam Winchester is kidnapped!

Season 11 finale had Sam Winchester kidnapped by a woman. The woman was suave, sophisticated and had pictures of Sam and Dean in her lavish mansion. No, she is not some crazy ex-girlfriend of Sam or Dean. She is Lady Toni, part of the British Men of Letters. An organisation which is way more systematic than its American chapter wiped off years ago.

The British Men of Letters want Sam and Dean dead for the obvious reason – they have brought upon the apocalypse a couple of time, freed Lucifer, brought Amara, almost got God killed, unleashed Leviathans and many other disasters. Yes, they believe that even though, every time they’ve managed to contain the chaos, one day they won’t be able to and then the world will suffer for their mistake. So, the British chapter wants to get rid of them and has Sam in their hold.

Angry angel and Ex-King of Hell!

If you missed Castiel in the last season, worry not. This season, we’ll get out favourite angel back. He is no more the vessel for the fallen angel and angry as hell with himself. Lucifer is back to his nefarious ways and Castiel blames himself for his chaos. He wants to cage him. Moreover, apart from sharing a good bond with Mary in this season, he’ll also have a standalone episode which will delve deep into Castiel’s past.

The first teaser for season 12 features Rick Springfield as Vince Vincente, Lucifer’s new rock star vessel, in a confrontation with Crowley, a.k.a the former King of Hell. Crowley wants his crown and to get rid of Lucifer, once and for all. The extreme humiliation that Crowley went through last season was of the worst kind and now he’s angry and is on a hunt for Lucifer with Castiel.

Catch Supernatural Season 12 every Thursday at 10 PM on AXN India from 15th October, 2016.

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