START-O-NOMICS 2K15, an event by the Economics Department of Dyal Singh College (Morning), Delhi University was held on 16th October. This event had everything which a budding entrepreneur’s mind craves – from the inspiring start-up stories to investment strategies, from the myth of glamorous life of start-up busted to getting an exclusive peek into the airline scene, from learning the perfect pitching to marketing strategies. And yes, a talk with a best-selling author!

This event was kick-started with an inspiring session with The CFO & co-founder Ms. Supriya Paul. She talked about the indisputable influence of others on career choices and urged the youth to break free from the shackles of societal norms to carve their niche in life. Further, she talked about the evolution of Josh Talks to its aim of making, “Inspiration accessible to youth”.

Next in line was Nikita Burma, Founder of The Blue Beans, a marketing firm for restaurants based out of Gurgaon. They are a rapidly growing marketing startup in the food industry. Nikita and her colleague, Shiva talked about the restaurant and food business marketing strategies. They went on to say that, “Marketing is not about stuff that you make but, stories you tell. Brands have stories and all successful marketing does is to make stories out of them.”


After deciphering the marketing myths, Varun Malhotra, CEO and founder of EIFS, talked about smart investments and stock market. According to him, “Sensex and NIFTY is not a barometer for stock market but, for economy of India”. He urged the youth to start early as investors to live a financially secured life and gave a lot of advices regarding smart investments.

Finally, after a riveting session on investments came the time to meet India’s best-selling author, Preeti Shenoy. She started her interactive session with telling about her journey of becoming a ‘best-selling author’. Further, she emphasized on the importance of ‘reading a lot’ and ‘writing a lot’ in order to expand one’s views to become a good writer and storyteller. When asked about the must have qualities to become a successful author, she said that, “Only four qualities are there – persistence, fearlessness, accept being different and make peace with your personality, and lastly, have thick skin to face the criticism.” Her session ended with book signing.


The next session was with Mr. M.S. Balakrishnan, Air India Director Finance (Retd.). He spoke on the present airline crisis and gave a detailed story behind the terrible failure of Kingfisher Airlines. Next up was an entrepreneurial talk session by Ranjeet Passi, a seasoned digital marketing professional and founder of SnapCape. He defined ‘the journey of a middle-class entrepreneur’.

Last two sessions were with Rishav Kumar, CEO and founder of University Express, and Sahil Baghla, CEO and founder of Bluegape. In their respective session’s they both took questions from the audience. Therefore, START-O-NOMICS 2K15 was a one of a kind event which gave the aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to have one-on-one interactions with the young successful entrepreneurs from different fields of – airlines, food, media, graphics, investment, app-development and an author!

Image Credits: Strobe (Photography society of Economics Department, DSC)

Nidhi Panchal

[email protected]