Spezia Bistro


The Tandoori Paneer Pizza The Tandoori Paneer Pizza[/caption]               The beverages came first. The Mango Mojito, refreshing and topped with a slice of fresh mango and mint leaves, was unanimously our favourite. The milkiness of the Brownie Shake was made up for by the scrumptious pieces of brownie sprinkled on top. The shake was served in an interesting looking pot. We appreciated the fact that the Banana – Caramel smoothie was not as overly sweet as we found it at other places. [caption id="attachment_41822" align="alignleft" width="805"](L to R) Banana - Caramel Smoothie, Brownie Shake, and Mango Mojito (L to R) Banana – Caramel Smoothie, Brownie Shake, and Mango Mojito[/caption] We started our meal with the Baked Bruschetta, which had a generous amount of toppings, and was baked well. The Pizza came next and was probably the best part of the meal. The thin-crust pizza topped with bell peppers and cottage cheese was definitely one of the better pizzas all of us had had in a while. There was no hint of the doughy and chewy crust which is an issue we’ve faced with pizzas at other places. The vegetarian Momos sizzler arrived, with a side of fried rice, and french fries. We dived into the serving and noticed the interesting filling of the momos (we identified a mixture of spinach and garlic) which were doused with a spicy sauce. The fried rice was also delicious. [caption id="attachment_41823" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Olive and Bellpepper Baked Bruchetta The Olive and Bellpepper Baked Bruchetta[/caption]                 We were full by the end of the satisfying meal but decided to order a dessert anyway because, hey, there’s always room for dessert! We had the brownie sundae to top off our meal, which was a delicious combination of vanilla ice-cream, hot chocolate sauce and pieces of brownie sprinkled on the top, served in a pot similar to the one used for the brownie shake. [caption id="attachment_41824" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Momos Sizzler The Momos Sizzler[/caption]                 We were satisfied with the portion sizes and more than pleased with the prompt service. Fully satiated with our meal, we decided to talk to the staff about the establishment. They told us that the place, which specialises in Italian food, has been really well received ever since it began in late 2015, despite the numerous food joints already crowding the Hudson lane area. We were informed that people often call and reserve tables in advance, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the place. A meal for two at the Spezia Bistro would probably cost around Rs. 600. After our entirely pleasant experience, we’d recommend trying out the pizza and the range of mojitos offered, although all food served to us was satisfying and delicious. Pictures by Jasmine Chahal for DU Beat Shubham Kaushik and Sudisha Misra [email protected] [email protected]]]>