Sabrina Dhawal


As a part of the Meet of the Author Series, the Department of English of Maharaja Agrasen College and the ACTIVE society of the Department had the privilege of inviting award-winning scriptwriter Prof Sabrina Dhawan on 24th August 2018. Apart from being a script writer, Prof Dhawan is also faculty member at TISCH School of the Arts, New York University.

Her talk, “Writing for Film and TV: The Journey of a Script Writer”, was a riveting narrative, almost an exhilarating movie script, about her journey from a shy, not-so-bright school girl to an award-winning writer. The likeliness of her lecture to a well-crafted movie script was not only limited to the way she traced and told the story of her life, but also to the fact that the lecture had an intermission-like break. The pre-intermission period was mainly about “Becoming a Writer”, wherein she spoke about how she developed the ambition of being a writer, a non-serious business in middle-class families like hers. The second part was about her experiences as a writer: the challenges of self-discipline and developing a perfect piece of writing, being a woman writer, being a mirror for the society.

Her enthralling lecture was followed by a Question and Answer session, which was equally enlightening with students and faculty members bring out topics like the difference between writing for India and for the West, the difference between TV scripts and Film scripts, writing adaptations.

The Welcome note was given by Dr Gitanjali Chawla, Teacher Incharge. Dr Charu Arya presented a sapling to formally welcome the guest. Dr Anupama Jaidev presented a memento as a token of gratitude to Prof Dhawan. The Vote of Thanks was presented by Ms Mona Sinha.   

Here are some photos from the event:

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sabrina dhawal