If you’re a kid born in 90s, 5pm to 5.30pm holds a very special significance for you. Whatever calamity might be hitting the world, this half an hour was Pokémon time. This phenomenon wasn’t just exclusive to India, it was worldwide. Superman, Batman and Goku might have ruled the hearts of boys but Pokémon was one show that had something for girls as well. Ash was the one hero with whom every boy identified and Misty was a girl that every girl wanted to be. A Pokémon fan, to do this day, will say that Pikachu is the cutest thing that has ever existed. While many of you might say that the franchise has achieved its peak and should retire, the creators don’t think so. With what’s coming, I’d say they are taking it to a whole new level.

From the whole Pokémon experience of tazos, diamond cards, rectangular cards etc there was always this one thing that lacked. However close they came to making it all real for us, there was still something missing. This new game is another attempt to fill that void and by the looks of it, will do the job.

So, the new game is called Pokémon Go and is for android and iOS platform. The trailer was released a little time back and looks really amazing. By the looks of the trailer, the game is going to be an augmented reality game based in the real world. User will be notified on devices if there’s a Pokémon around. The pokémons will be even visible on the screen. Users can trade, battle and do a lot of other stuff with their pokémons. The game is free but there is going to be an in-house store where users can buy stuff. The trailer shows a large battle with Mewtwo where many people come together to fight the legendary Pokémon, which shows that there are going to be such special events. The game will also come with Pokémon wearable watches.

There’s still a lot to discover but from the looks of it, the game looks awesome. Check out the trailer below:

Image Credits- videogamer.com

Kavach Chandra
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