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Pearl Academy, India’s leading Design, Fashion, Business, and Media Institute and Daulat Ram College, one of the premier colleges from Delhi University came together recently to work on a joint project. The brief, given by the Principal of Daulat Ram College, Dr. Savita Roy, was to redesign the interiors of the reception area of the administrative block at Daulat Ram College. The concept was to give an informal, yet crisp look to space. An industrial theme was finalized to turn around the current look of the reception area. Under the leadership of course leader Ms. Puja Anand and faculty Ms. Manpreet Kaur, the project was executed with the help of Pearl Academy students from the PG Interior Design and Styling Department as well as PG Communication Design department. A team of Interior Design students designed and styled the reception area and the Communication Design students completed graffiti on one of the walls in the reception area. The concept of this wall graffiti was women empowerment as both Pearl Academy and Daulat Ram College strongly believe in women empowerment.
The Interior Design and Styling students designed and manufactured the furniture for the reception area, made installations for the vertical surfaces, and also provided landscaping solutions. The entrance, which is the central spot for students, teachers, and parents, previously had no energetic ambiance around it. To change this, appropriate furniture was designed to complement the space. The furniture piece was in continuation of the ‘THE FLIP-IN-CART’ as it favored the theme chosen. Using M.S. tubes, a bench and a reception table were also designed for the same. The challenge was to create a table which was at a 135-degree angle using tapered pine wood membranes. The Installation was weaved using wrought iron hexagonal frames after exploring various options in AUTOCAD. A vertical garden was set up using recycled plastic bottles to add a green patch to space.
IMG_20180221_181615 (1)
The students involved in this project were: Daman Deep Kaur, Sajal Gupta, Alisha Mangla, Prachi Gupta, Dhriti Shah, Muskan Chaddha, Aditi Agarwal, Adit Chopra , Tanvi Suri, and Priyansh Chopra from Interior Design Department, and Alisha  Prabhakar, Divya Saini, Shiva Bhushan, Munmun Aggarwal, Pragya Mukherjee, Pragya Mukherjee, Pragya Bhandari, and Jigyasa Varshney from Communication Design Department.
If you’re interested in pursuing a course in design, or fashion, you can apply to Pearl Academy on https://pearlacademy.com/admissions