paytm karo


Demonetization conjures images of almost every issue related to overpopulation – insanely long queues, the inevitable loss of livelihood, the few deaths, the many problems of penury and even creates a long standing love for the humble 100 rupee note. However, ironically the one thing that doesn’t come to mind is the fact that our economy is being weeded of black money (myth or fact, ‘who knows’ which ultimately leads to the stage of ‘who cares’). Well, no fear for Paytm is here – at the risk of sounding like a very cheesy advertisement with the long somber sound of “Paytm Karo”, I give you reasons why Paytm is truly a lifesaving hack. I mean. Truly!

I know most of us think of this as a rather taxing procedure but once you’ve managed to add money to your account, you’re sorted. I discovered Paytm when Delhi University recently postponed the GE examination from the 12th to the 13th December, I had no option but to reschedule my flight. With skyhigh rates and six thousand already down the drain, Paytm was kind enough to offer me a ticket for only Rs. 5000, a day before and with cashback!

It doesn’t stop here, you can book movie tickets for half the price, get a million different discounts for a range of restaurants, get killer discounts on travel options, buy electronics for cheaper , and go on for days without cash, even paying your Uber driver with Paytm. The list is exhaustive with its many benefits and it even works at Nescafe in college, I mean what more could we ask for!

It takes about five minutes to set up and serves you forever, so what are you waiting for? Devote some space on your phone to a useful application. After all, we do deserve to watch a movie for free once in a while.

Anahita Sahu

[email protected]

Image Credits: 3ghackerz.com