Most people find it difficult to dress for aesthetics during winters. A practical desire to stay warm almost always overpowers the desire to stand out. However, functionality and style are not polar opposites that cannot co-exist,  with a little effort you can manage to stay cosy and look amazing. The key to dressing well in winters lies in outerwear.

Here are a few ways to make your outerwear look chic:

  • Denim jackets with a statement- Denim jackets are the perfect way to get that supermodel off-duty look. You can personalise your jacket by pinning small badges or patches on it. These accessories are readily available online and can be reused in summers by pinning them on shirts or bags. The name of your favourite band, your support for the LGBTQI community, or even a pizza emoji can all be fun badges to pin on your jacket.
  • Fitting is everything- Before buying jackets and coats ensure that have a streamlined fit is essential. Getting ill-fitting coats altered rather than buying new ones is more economical. . If you choose to wear an oversized jacket, make sure the sweater you wear inside fits you well; a baggy sweater with a baggy jacket can make you look boxy.
  • Look beyond black and grey- In Winter clothing bright colors seldom make an appearance. To stand out, you should move beyond the blacks and greys. Invest in a baby blue or pale pink coat, as suggestedby Jackie Kennedy, to make a bold fashion statement. Another way to add colour to your outfit is wearing a glittery top with a textured coat, using bright scarves, and shawls.,
  • Puffy jackets- Most of us share a love-hate relationship with puffy jackets. We love the comfort they bring but hate how, well, puffy they look! The the key to make puffy jackets look cool lies in their length. A short puffy jacket, one that hits slightly above your waist looks chic. Especially when its paired with high-rise jeans.
  • (Faux) Leather jacket- Nothing is as versatile and comfortable as a leather jacket in winters. For both ethical and practical reasons, faux leather is a better choice. Pair a leather jacket with distressed denim and boots for a punk look.
  • Other fun ways to style outerwear well is to drape them on your shoulders instead of wearing them. Winter wear does not have to be mundane; layering, contrasting, using the right accessories and ensuring your clothes fit you well are the keys to make the most of your winter wardrobe.


Feature Image Credits: Fustany

Kinjal Pandey

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