As a part of their Undergraduate research project some students from Miranda House College have devised a new way to control mosquitoes that is environment friendly, sustainable and economical.

Recently the city had its first dengue victim of the season leading the New Delhi Municipal Corporation to wake up and commence their mosquito control drives all across the city. Meanwhile some young researchers of Miranda House College have come up with unique and more effective research study on controlling mosquitoes. The research was a part of the undergraduate research project that was taken up by these students who were keen to learn more about research and at the same time contribute to the society.

They have come up with various plans to control breeding of mosquitoes. On being asked about what change they could expect in the society if their project is taken up to a higher level, Radhika a second year student from Life Sciences said, “Through this mosquito- based research, I hope awareness will be propagated among each individual to control fostering mosquito population which is causing life- threatening epidemics. We can take a course towards pollution free, safe and clean technologies to control the mosquito menace.” The research team consists of four students who were guided by a faculty member. “Having pictured research as something that is done at a very high level, we were really excited to take up the project that caters to our curiosity which revolved around what research is all about” said Kanika, a Zoology student who was a part of the team.

Dr. Vimal Thareja who mentored this project spoke to our correspondent and stressed upon the importance of practical learning rather than going for rote learning. She further emphasised on the need to encourage inquisitiveness, keen observations and innovations at undergraduate level.  The students also presented their project at a seminar on the occasion of celebration of World Environment Day at Gandhi Bhavan where their project was highly applauded.
DU Beat has always encouraged undergraduate research in Indian Universities. Young students coming up with such ideas are a ray of hope in a field which is exclusively thought to be a part of the curriculum of higher academics. More of such projects should be taken up to foster a better academic environment in the universities.


Team Members- Shruti Acharya, Kanika Anabh, Garvita Goyal and Radhika Bastora

Mentor- Dr. Vimal Thareja


Srivedant Kar
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Shruti Acharya, Team member