Merchants of Delhi


It does not take a million to earn another million and the students of  Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) embarked upon a journey to prove it and succeeded. In mere six hours (yeah, that’s right! SIX HOURS!) , a four digit figure was converted to a whooping six digit figure, thanks to the extraordinary marketing and entrepreneurship skills portrayed by the young and talented minds of FMS. All this was done with sublime precision and creativity of the students of FMS who captured the hearts of the people of the national capital on 15th July.

‘Merchants of Delhi’, the flagship event of The Marketing Society and Entrepreneurship Cell of FMS, had the students divided into 15 groups, who earned Rs.1.22 lacs with just Rs.7,500 , with each group being handed Rs.500, in six hours. Last year, the total amount earned was around Rs. 74,000.

The objective was to go out to the streets of Delhi and multiply the amount by utilising the seed capital given to each team. The teams were given just a few hours to think, strategise and implement their ideas. Mobile phones and wallets were strictly banned. Revealing the name of their institution was not allowed either.

From innovative ideas like drawing random sketches and customized greeting cards for the people around to daring ones like boys dancing on item numbers, offering career counseling to students outside coaching institutes and further, the clichéd ones like selling roses, singing and poetry, they implemented them all. Their efforts borne fruits and three teams earned more than Rs.11,000.

“It was an exhilarating, fulfilling yet a body numbing experience. Given that this was our first sales stint, this day will go down in our memories as a truly special and memorable one”, said Shivam Agarwal, Sneha Motwani & Pooja Pai, part of the winning team.

Image credit: FMS Facebook Page