Julius Caesar


  • The silk shirt, red pants and orange sneakers you own must not be put to display this season. Some things are best hidden in the dark depths of your cupboard.
  • This is not the best occasion to apply copious amounts of Gatsby hair gel that you may have won at the BITS PILANI fest during a quiz.
  • Pickup lines like “You turn my software into hardware” will only lead to loss of self-respect and a tooth.
  • Belting out ‘shirdi wale sai baba’ in an inebriated state during an informal event is a NO-NO.
  • Staring pointedly at anything but the face of your girl pal could be a cause of trouble.
  • Facebook status updates like “ Duuudeee, there are many fish in this sea” or “Guess who is getting lucky tonight?” will not work in your favour.
  • Always remind yourself that the Axe effect is a fictional phenomenon, spraying the entire contents of the deodorant bottle on you will not result in anything positive.
  • So, you are the President of the debating society of your college/played Julius Caesar in a school play/have been offered a hefty pay package by on campus recruiters but if that’s all you choose to talk about then my sympathies lie with the person you are conversing with.
  • At all times avoid reading passages from the Satanic Verses to woo your lady love lest you be forced to leave the country.
  • Only superman can get away with wearing his underwear on top of his pants, if you don’t have any superpowers then please refrain from wearing your pants 2 inches below their rightful spot. The world will continue to spin on just fine without the knowledge of which brand’s underwear you sport.Pragya Lal [email protected]
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