Izraz, the Choreo competition at LSR took place at 2.30pm in the auditorium today.

An hour before the competition, a huge line formed outside the auditorium; the event entertained a houseful of enthusiastic people. There were 10 participating teams and each team had to convey a message to the audience using dance movements and facial expressions.

The first one to perform was Hindu Choreo Society, presenting ‘Till Death Do Us Part”, choreographed by Palden di Lama, depicting life after death. Their costumes were very creatively done and they used face painting to bring out their facial expressions in a stronger way.

Next up was Gargi, presenting ‘Mrityun Jaya, the Conqueror of Death’, choreographed Tushar Kalya. Their technique was excellent and their moves had perfect lines, their lifts and splits were flawless. They performed with grace and vigour and were applauded twice by the audience.

Performing next was Hansraj, presenting ‘The Quest’, choreographed by Gaurav Alavar. Their theme was realistic – the unending quest of happiness – and the message they conveyed to the audience was relatable. Their costumes were pretty, their moves graceful and their expressions perfect.

Kamala Nehru College performed next, presenting ‘The Awakening’, choreographed by Bhavani Mishra. The story was about a girl who wanted to follow her dreams, but was defeated by logic. Their dance depicted the conflict between mind and heart.

Next was Sri Venkateswara College. Their dance didn’t have a title but the theme was war and its consequences. Their dance was self choreographed, but it was excellent all the same.

Last to perform was LSR, and their performance, as always, was breathtaking.

The event was perhaps the most popular one today, and the line outside the auditorium remained strong all throughout the show.


The winners of Izraz are as follows:

Winner: Sri Venkateswara College
First Runner-up: Hansraj
Second Runner-up: LSR and KNC