Hostel admission


The race to get a hostel seat has begun. There are a few of these coveted spots that would enhance the campus experience of a student. Almost all colleges offer seats on the basis of merit in the form of cut-offs. Here is a complete guide to hostel admissions:

  1. Applying: The applicant must apply in a separate hostel form along with the actual application at the college premises. The forms are available  at the college premises although some like Hindu College have online application forms that have to be submitted in hard copy. This has to be done within the stipulated deadline issued by the individual colleges. This is chiefly an offline process and the candidate has to submit the required documents along with the hostel form available at the college premises.

These are the links for the hostel admissions forms at various colleges. Where forms are not available online, we have provided links to the pages which the candidates have to monitor to see the merit list. Candidates are advised to keep on monitoring the website to see when the merit list of applicants who secured a seat are announced. The actual merit list is available on the College website and notice boards.  

Girls Hostel: http://www.srcc.edu/girls-hostel

Boys Hostel: http://www.srcc.edu/boys-hostel

For Kirori Mal College: http://www.kmcollege.ac.in/

For St. Stephen’s: https://www.ststephens.edu/

For SGTB Khalsa College (For girls): http://www.sgtbkhalsadu.ac.in/g-hostel.jsp

For Miranda House: http://mirandahouse.ac.in/residence/admissionprocedure.php

For Ramjas College: http://ramjas.du.ac.in/hostel_in_detail.php?id=123&cid=15

For Hindu College:

For girls: http://hinducollege.ac.in/download/2018/Application%20Form%20hostel%202018-2019.pdf

For boys: http://www.hinducollege.ac.in/download/forms/2017/Application%20Form%20hostel.pdf

For Hansraj College: http://www.hansrajcollege.ac.in/admissions/admissionupdates.php

For Daulat Ram College: http://dr.du.ac.in/index.php

For Sri Venkateshwara College:

For boys: http://www.svc.ac.in/HostelApplicationForm2018-2019.pdf

For Lady Shri Ram College: http://lsr.edu.in/  

For Deen Dayal Upaydhaya College: https://dducollegedu.ac.in/Viewtopics.aspx?MenuId=Dme9y5Da1wl____zRkCVei3Sp6hewZ7UXdgHSyy395ioLY=

For Lady Irwin College: http://www.ladyirwin.edu.in/hostel_admission.aspx

For IP College for Women: http://ipcollege.ac.in/Viewtopics.aspx?Menuid=Hostel_Admissions_1829

For Maharaja Agrasen College (for Girls): http://mac.du.ac.in/pdf/Maharaja%20Agrasen%20College%20hostel%20form.pdf

For Keshav Mahavidyalaya: http://keshav.du.ac.in/Downloads/Hostel/HostelProspectus2018-19.pdf

For Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women: http://rajgurucollege.du.ac.in/cas/hostel.html


  1. Admission: Admission into the hostels are purely based on merit. The applicants may get a seat only after they secure a seat in a department of that particular college. A merit list of students who have been granted a seat along with a waiting list is announced on the college website and notice board. Then, the accepted students have to submit the required documents like medical certificates, payment dues as well as local guardian credentials. Some colleges also conduct a round of interviews with the parents, students and the local guardian. It would be useful to check the individual hostel prospectus for further details.
  2. Allocation of rooms: After the formalities of admission are done, the students are allocated rooms. They have to shift to the rooms within a stipulated number of days, failing which their admission will be cancelled. Vacancy of any seat, if any, would be informed in the college website or notice board.

Feature Image Credits: Hindu College website

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