With the onset of fall, chilly air streams curl down our sleeves. Who doesn’t love winters? With exams on the front, we decide to hibernate: sleep endlessly under those warmest blankets, the decor of the room setting the right mood. Amidst this, the plan is to create new style statements that combat the cold whilst making us a fashion icon.

Auburn brings you a couture to explore your type of warmer: furry coats, denim jackets, or the exclusive leather ones.

For him:

1. On days when the wind is fierce, a longer coat can really be your best friend. Trench Coats cover down to the knees when buttoned.

2. A scarf is not enough to keep the neck warm, and Turtlenecks are an awesome first line of defense against those frigid winds.

3. Half-Cardigans keep you safe from the winters and also give loud signals of being a stud!

4. Hooded Jackets serve the purpose when it comes to comfort and warmth. They look fluffy and give the perfect winter look.

5. Denim Jackets have been an all all-time favourite. These might not be very chill-safe yet they are your perfect pals when it comes to fashion sense.

6. Bikes, Boots, Babes and Leather Jackets! Every guy must own one of these, it is undoubtedly a safe option!

For her:

1. Quilted Jackets with hoodies are the best for the warmth; they help us keep safe from the freezing cold while maintaining a fashion sense.

2. Initially Blazers were typically worn as officewear, but now they are in fashion as informal wear. Perfect for an interview or your office wear, you can team them up with trousers. You can even wear a casual look by picking up a cotton or linen blazer and a pair of denims.

3. This year was full of prints! Printed Jackets add the right amount of poise in the usual boring winter wear. You can find them in animal prints, 3D prints or blossoming florals.

4. Trenchcoats are a great buzz. Wear them over a sweater or a dress and look dazzling. They are a great pal in the snow and unlike woollen coats they are light weight and waterproof.

5. This season is all about the Faux-Fur Coat. Turn up the texture and team up with dark colours and high collars for some gothic romance.

6. If you want an adventurous or bold look then Biker Jacket is something girl must have. It’s a sort of short coat with hip length. Its made of leather generally and coloured in black, but if you want you can go for other colours too. Biker jacket with a pair of blue jeans gives you a smart and fashionable look.


Feature Image Credits: Uniqlo

Radhika Boruah
[email protected]