th and 17th of October, 2015 respectively. Conducted by the faculty of ‘Eptitude’, the events took place from 12 am onwards in the Seminar Hall of Maitreyi College and saw participation by more than 100 students from all different courses on both days. On day 1, the workshop was introduced by Mr. Abhishek Anand, the head Director of Eptitude, who, in the light of his own personal experiences of educational preferences at Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, shared his perspective on the strategies for making right decisions while choosing subject courses in universities. He further stressed the importance of ‘a correct framework’ before applying to professional jobs which, according to him, “must include a work experience of at least two years in the field of career one wants to pursue, along with tons of good internships in start-up business industries”. The event was preceded by a clear understanding of case studies and their essentiality in the employability space, which was done by Mr. Anand, an engineer by profession who studied Electrical Engineering from IIM as well. To help them gain a more realistic idea on case-based approaches, sheets of paper with a sample case study of growing television productions, were distributed among all students, who were then required to play the role of a marketer and decipher the solutions to all the problem statements of the case given to them. Through this process, they were not only able to garner a fresh outlook towards case discussions in professional meetings but also an assessment of each and every component of an industry set-up. Along with this, they were also given a brief recognition of key components such as business communication, etiquettes and dressing, the power of negotiations and resume holding in an office space. “Here at Eptitude,” spoke Mr. Abhishek Anand, “we not only focus on helping CAT or GMAT aspirants crack their entrance examinations, but also enlighten them with sufficient knowledge on cracking case studies during recruitment procedures. We strive to create a personality development in every student by building confidence levels and sharpening their analytical skills, for them to ace internships and job interviews at best management and banking industries.” Day 2 was followed by a case study contest, in which all the participants of Maitreyi College were divided in teams of two. Keeping in mind the techniques taught the other day, each team was then given a case study which was required to be solved within the time limit of one hour. Out of the participation of 50 teams and their submissions, the selected teams were now required to prepare a presentation of their cases in the centre of Eptitude along with the shortlisted team winners of other participating colleges of Delhi University, very soon. The Case Study winners of Maitreyi College are as follows:- Mohini Jindal and Aakansha Jain from First Year, and Shrutika Gupta and Megha Baid from Second Year Shagun Marwah [email protected] Image Credits: Aditi and Latika Sehgal]]>