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Here is a guide for those applying through the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Quota, the list of ECA’s offered by the Varsity, and the admission process.

The colleges across the University provide admission through the ECA Quota for admissions in different courses.

The applicants seeking admission under ECA category will have to register online on the Delhi University (DU) Admissions Portal. There will be an additional registration fee of INR 100 to apply under the ECA category. Applicants may register for a maximum of three ECA categories and have to upload only one best certificate they have earned in that field. The students don’t get more than 15% advantage academically, so they should choose the course accordingly. The ECA trials are held at two levels, and are conducted by the ECA Admissions Committee appointed by the University, whose decision remains final. For further information, refer to the Undergraduate (UG) Bulletin of Information uploaded on the admission portal, or click here: UG Admission Bulletin 2019-20

Following is the list of ECA activities offered by DU and the venues of their preliminary trials as uploaded by the University.


  1. Creative Writing (Hindi) – Ram Lal Anand College.
  2. Creative Writing (English) – Ram Lal Anand College.


  3. Indian Classical – Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College.
  4. Indian Folk – Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College.
  5. Western – Rajdhani College
  6. Choreography – Rajdhani College


  7. Debate (Hindi) – Kirori Mal College
  8. Debate (English) – Kirori Mal College


  9. Photography – Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College
  10. Film Making – Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College
  11. Animation – Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College


  12. Sketching & Painting – Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm College
  13. Sculpture – Atma Ram Sanatan Dharm College


  14. Indian (Classical and Light) – Kirori Mal College
  15. Western (Classical and Light) – Kirori Mal College


  16. Tabla – Kirori Mal College
  17. Mridangam – Kirori Mal College
  18. Dholak – Kirori Mal College
  19. Pakhawaj – Kirori Mal College
  20. Ghatam – Kirori Mal College
  21. Harmonium – Kirori Mal College
  22. Indian Flute – Kirori Mal College
  23. Sita – Kirori Mal College
  24. Indian Violin – Kirori Mal College
  25. Sarod – Kirori Mal College
  26. Santoor – Kirori Mal College


  27. Drums – Kirori Mal College
  28. Western Flute – Kirori Mal College
  29. Saxophone – Kirori Mal College
  30. Guitar (Lead) – Kirori Mal College
  31. Guitar (Bass) – Kirori Mal College
  32. Western Violin – Kirori Mal College
  33. Keyboard – Kirori Mal College

    34. THEATRE – Miranda House

    35. QUIZ – Lakshmi Bai College

    36. DIVINITY – Kamala Nehru College

    37. NCC – Ram Lal Anand College

    38. NSS – Sri Venkateswara College

    39. YOGA – Bharati College


    ECA List as given by DU's Website
    ECA List as given by DU’s Website

The details of ECA trial dates and college wise vacancies have not been released yet. Although, according to an article uploaded by India Today, the colleges under DU may increase the number of seats sanctioned under the ECA and Sports categories at the department level in case there is a higher demand, but without breaching the pre-existing 5% ceiling.

DU Beat will bring to you further details about the ECA trial dates and seat vacancy, stay updated.


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Image Credits: Delhi University


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