Being a student has its perks – be it in tourists’ places or on various airlines. So, get acquainted with a few privileges you can acquire being a student and make the most out of the opportunities.

With proper documentation, you can indeed enjoy the perquisites of being a student irrespective of whether you are in the first year of middle school or the final year of college. Take it easy on your little pockets and explore the places that can help you cut costs as students.

1. Discount Cards!

The University of Delhi has schemes under which you can get discount cards to help you save 20% to 50% on your expenditure. With an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), you can avail of great discounts all across the world on airfares, hotels, restaurants, magazines, cafes, multiplexes and game ranges. The Paisa Card, Taf Bazaar Card and Desconto are some cards you can apply for- to avail discounts at various eateries, bookstores, apparel stores, gyms and beauty parlours in Delhi NCR.

2. Apple Back-to-School Products

If you love Apple products, under their Back to College offer, you can get student discounts on the MacBook, iMac, iPads and even iPhones ranging between a minimum of Rs3,000 to Rs12,000.

3.  Fly With Discounts

There are students discount schemes in IndiGo Airlines and Air Asia and 50% discount schemes at both JetKonnect and Air India. Under this offer, your check-in baggage limit is increased by around 20 to 25kgs usually. The offer is only valid on economy seats. If you are studying abroad, Thomas Cook offers all US-bound flight base fares from Rs21,500, UK, and Europe from Rs9,800 and Canada from Rs23,000. Air India and other airlines like British Airlines offer free baggage allowance to students.

4. Gym Memberships

Gold’s Gym outlets across the country have a 50% off for all students. O2 gym offers an additional 5% off. Most gyms run student offers throughout the year in and around campus in DU.

5. Bus And Train Passes

Being a student has its benefits while travelling in the city as well.  In Delhi, you can get concession on a bus pass if you are a student but the Metro is yet to offer any kind of discounts. Indian Railways provide students’ concession in train tickets.

6. Courier services

You can use courier services from DHL and FedEx to send your admission applications for a flat rate of Rs890 and Rs990, respectively. To avail of this offer, you only need to carry a photocopy of your current college ID or any photo ID and address proof to verify your age. This has been specially designed for international university aspirants.

7. All Touristy

Heritage sites in most of the states have student tourist discounts. Also, special tour packages are available for college-going students at pocket-friendly prices.


Feature Image Credits: Yupcard

Radhika Boruah

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