Symphony’20, the annual cultural fest of Janki Devi Memorial College (JDMC) faced severe overcrowding leading to security issues for the participants along for the organising committee during Jass Manak’s concert performance at the final day of the fest. 

Janki Devi Memorial College (JDMC) organised its annual cultural inter-college fest, Symphony 2020 on 8th, 9th & 10th January, 2020. It was one of the biggest events hosted by the college; a three-day extravaganza, power-packed with cultural events & activities. From literature, art, music to dance, street play, to photography, debate stimulations; it was the amalgamation of synergies of various participants from multiple colleges and universities.

On the final day of the fest, 10th January, 2020, popular Punjabi singer and songwriter Jass Manak had a concert performance in the college auditorium, where he enthralled the audience with his popular numbers like Prada and Lehenga. The performance, however, was exclusively for Janki Devi Memorial College students. Due to the pressure of the crowd present at the fest, there were security issues which caused problems for the participants. A first-year student at JDMC explained that she was inside the campus, but the disturbance was caused due to students from other colleges entering the venue to watch Jass Manak, hence creating chaos for the college students present there.

A JDMC student arrived at the campus to attend the concert but was prohibited to enter by the ensuing security staff even though they tried to reason that they were from the college itself. Dr. Swati Pal, Principal, JDMC,  herself later came when chaos erupted at the venue due to the burgeoning crowd, and denied entry to the students, clarifying that the venue was full. The student further explained that outsiders were not informed about the exclusivity of only JDMC students at the concert, which caused these problems.

A student who attended the concert and requested to stay anonymous, shared that many fake enteries of outside students happened in front of them, hampering the entry of JDMC students even when they were on time.

Another member from the organising committee of the fest explained that some of the girls didn’t adhere to the guidelines and instructions of the union, and kept breaking lines, which subsequently created chaos. She acknowledged the college committee’s need to improve the management and logistics on ground, because of the ruckus which was brought about by a larger than life crowd, which proved too hard to handle. She, however, reaffirmed the success of the fest, and the security issue manifesting only as a minor hiccup in the erstwhile grand scheme of things.

Another member from the organising committee, Tanya Tyagi, the social media, head explained, “All the students of other colleges were made quite aware of the fact that students of JDMC will only be allowed to attend the concert as it is printed on our every marketing collateral and poster.” She also added, “All students who were on time were given entry. Students who are accusing us of not giving them entry were the ones who were late.”

Image Credits: Instagram Image Caption: Stories circulated to clarify the situation.
Image Credits: Instagram
Image Caption: Stories circulated to clarify the situation.
Image Credits: Instagram Image Caption: Stories circulated to clarify the situation.
Image Credits: Instagram
Image Caption: Stories circulated to clarify the situation.

Featured Image Credits: Rishabh Chauhan for DU Beat

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In a few weeks, the University of Delhi will be abuzz with fests and concerts. Star nights, celebrity gigs, and live performances make will light up the whole campus. These events offer an opportunity to click some excellent event photographs. In the wake of the upcoming fest season, we present some tips and techniques for live concert photography.

1. Use Manual Mode

  1. Low Aperture- Lowering the aperture will allow more light to enter into the camera.  It is suggested that you shoot with your lens wide open to have some extra light to play with.
  2. High Shutter Speed- With fast and frequent movements, the shutter speed of the camera will be responsive and decrease the possibilities of blurred images.
  3. Higher ISO- High ISO will make your camera more sensitive towards the light which will help in low light images.
Image Credits: Sahil Chauhan
Image Credits: Sahil Chauhan

2.Understand the lighting 

Adapt the camera features according to the lighting provided so that you are prepared when the light falls on the subject.

mage Credits: Akarsh Mathur
Image Credits: Akarsh Mathur


3. Wait for the moment

You won’t get perfect pictures within 10 minutes into the concert. One needs to shoot throughout the show with patience.  Capture moments which will make your photograph unique!

Image Credits: P.V. Purnima
Image Credits: P.V. Purnima

4. Do your homework

Research both the venue and the artist before the actual gig. This will familiarise you with the performance and the stage setup.

Image Credits: Sahil Chauhan
Image Credits: Sahil Chauhan

5. Use a fast cheap prime lens 


Stage light is often low, so using a fast lens will help you get sharp images. For beginners, a cheap 50mm 1.8 lens is recommended because it can shoot in low light.

Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan
Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan

Feature Image Credits: Ayush Chauhan


The ‘Titanium’ and ‘Dangerous’ hit star DJ David Guetta is on his Unity Tour and is going live in India from 12th Jan to 15th Jan 2017.

“The Grandfather of EDM” David Guetta is on his Unity Tour 2017, which includes a four city tour in India, performing live at Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Noida from 12th Jan to 15th Jan 2017. Robin Schulz will be a special guest in the tour. The team is all set to put the Sunburn arena on fire this New Year!

David Guetta, a French dance-pop DJ and producer who has sold over 15 million singles worldwide, has learned and perfected his craft in Paris nightclubs throughout the 1980s and 1990s. DJing professionally from the age of 18, and after spending years on the French club scene wowing crowds and winning fans, he formed Gum Productions in 2001 in partnership with DJ and producer Joachim Garraud. One of the biggest names in dance music has collaborated with a huge string of stars of the past decade to create some momentous world-wide hits. Now the French DJ has collated these into one massive live show where he drops in some of his personal favourite dance/pop records from a variety of eras. People feel David’s charisma when playing to a live crowd, as they describe him visibly enjoying what he does as the more energy the crowd give the more animated he becomes within his DJ box. People abroad have described, “As he drops the likes of ‘Shot Me Down’ and ‘Titanium’ he hypes the crowd further by dancing along with the masses. His sets often feature numerous tracks from a variety of genres. It is fair to say there is something for almost everyone during Guetta’s set and you assured to dance along to at least one piece of music.” So, yes we are expecting an excited and loud crowd in all his concerts in India!

David Guetta has toured all over the world – both on solo stints and alongside Rihanna in 2013. He has literally travelled over a million miles to bring his dance anthems to all four corners of the globe, and is known for releasing the party animal in his fans. With two Grammys already under his belt and a strong legion of fans from across the globe, David Guetta’s fame and success will continue to balloon.


Image credits: www.partyowl.in

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Finally it was 19th October, that fateful day when I would get to see Enrique Iglesias Live in concert. There were three classes of tickets, VIP costing Rs. 15000, platinum for Rs. 8000 and gold (the one I bought) for Rs. 2500.

The gates opened at 5pm and everybody was inside the ground by 5:30pm. As soon as they let us in, we ran with all out might to be able to stand in front. Having done that, I managed to stand in the third row of the gold class. There were VIP and Platinum people ahead of course. Sadly I was 5 inches too short.I was stranded between tallies and couldn’t even see how the stage looked like. According to the pass, Enrique was supposed to come at 7pm. Well he didn’t. We stood for four hours just waiting. Thankfully I had friends with me but that ceased to matter after some time because everybody was talking to everybody out of boredom.  1 hour gone…two hours gone…3 hours gone and it started to feel like he was not going to turn up. To make things worse the crowd was well, pressing! People kept pushing and prodding and nudging and there was no place to even breathe. It was starting to get unbearable when finally at 9pm the stage when dark and there was Enrique standing right at the centre of the stage. I’m guessing that’s where he would have been because all I could see were people’s heads. That’s when the crowd lost it and started to push even more and here I was thinking it couldn’t get any worse. For a change the men were civilized and the women went berserk. The girl next to me kept spreading her arms and shouting I love you over and over again when there wasn’t even space to keep my feet. I got so annoyed that I dug my nails into her throat with all my strength as that was the only place reachable by my hands that were stuck in a really awkward position. Ten minutes into the concert, I was completely swamped by people and couldn’t take it anymore. Imagine an ant stuck between long blades of grass, I couldn’t even see the sky above me. I caught hold of the bouncer and asked him to get me out. He warmed me that once I’m out of the crowd; I’m out of the concert as well. I couldn’t care less, it’s not like I could see anything anyway. So he dug me and my friend out of the people, practically pulling my every limb in the process and carried me out in his arms stretched out above his head.

He led us out the enclosure, behind the VIP barricades and that’s when my luck changed. Suddenly I could see everything! That’s when I got my first glimpse of Enrique and my heart melted. There he was wearing a white V neck t-shirt and black jeans looking like a Greek god. Suddenly battling the crowd for four hours seemed worth it.

I got talking to the bouncer who was regulating the VIP entrance. I asked him if he would let me and my friend enter for some money. He asked for Rs. 1000 for both of us but we decided against it since the view was great from where we were. I sang along to all his songs as loudly as I could, cheered and jumped and head banged. After sometime the bouncer came up to me and said if you like him that much you can go in and led us inside the VIP stands for free! I was delighted.  Enrique was right under my nose! So close that I could see his sexy stubble as well! He sung all my favourite songs opening with ‘I like it’ and ‘escape’ and ending with’ Tonight I’m lovin’ you’. He called up a girl from the crowd while singing hero and hugged her for ten minutes, called up a twelve year old surd and made him sit next to him and sing along to his songs. He lay down on the ramp and out stretched both his arms on either side for people to touch him. He took people’s cameras, clicked himself and handed it back to them. He was a complete crowd pleaser.

For me it couldn’t get better or maybe it could if I was the girl he called up on stage! But that would be the jealousy talking because not many people buy the gold ticket and get to stand in VIP stands! The concert lasted for an hour and a half. It was an hour and a half of pure bliss! I fell in love with Enrique all over again and was mesmerized by him.