Hansraj College, on 28th September, launched its very own chapter of ‘Cognizance’, a consultancy and knowledge-based society with branches in several colleges across the country. Cognizance Hansraj, established under the Placement Cell of the college, aims to provide an exposure into consultancy at a basic level by collaborating with industry experts for live-projects, knowledge building sessions, and the much-needed research acumen that a lot of students yearn for and aim to acquire during their college life. Owing to the severe lack of practical application of theoretical concepts in the Indian education system, a majority of students face extreme difficulty and pressure while applying for jobs as well as clearing entrance exams for higher education. This is where this society steps in and provides first-hand practical knowledge by ‘Putting Theory into Practice’, its ultimate motto.

Having just set out to explore the consultancy world, the society plans to invite various faculty members to come and work with them, thus providing the members an opportunity to indulge into highly interactive and informative sessions with various professors. Also, instead of normal update meetings, the society will keep rigorous brainstorming sessions wherein various plans of action brought in by different members of the society shall be discussed and the ones suited best for the current projects shall then be chosen and implemented. As more and more event organisation and management based societies come into being, Cognizance Hans Raj works upon the overall development and skill enhancement of its members, thereby making them more competent in solving real life problems.