As college comes to a close, here is another cliché checklist about things to do before graduating. Don’t fail this checklist by our Associate Editor, even if you failed your New Year resolutions because you get to graduate only once.

This list is not based on expert advice; neither should it be the ultimate measure of doing college right (as if #goals on Instagram were not enough to make us feel inadequate). Here are a bunch of things, outgoing students should do in April:

–    What is more impossible than a Goa trip? A mass bunk. Execute a successful one before the last working day.

–    Refer to page seven and visit the touristy spots near campus one more time (or even better, for the first time). Don’t forget to use #wanderlust.

–    Channelise all your krantikaari (rebellious) vibes and attend a protest.

–     Pick a quiet day to sit in the library and just read. Experience the quiet solitude as you finish the assignment; it’s quite meditative. Some people say that on a lonely day if you press your ear against the bookshelves, you could hear them whispering.

–    Reflect on the conflicts you had in college, be it with any society member, a classmate, or a faculty. Analyse what happened and try to resolve it. But, most importantly, if you don’t find a closure, then let it go. Recall the hurt, anger, guilt for one last time, and let it evaporate.

–    Scribble your initials on a college desk, and if you are feeling more adventurous, then make graffiti on campus walls (inspiration: Free G.N. Saibaba). Don’t get caught.

–    Visit Central Library, University Stadium (there is a free gym with treadmills and the usual works), and spend some time around the VC lodge.

–    Sample canteen food. Remember the suspicious – looking dish that you have been avoiding? Order it now.

–    Click pictures of your college in the morning light, during the golden hour, and post 6 p.m. Capture your friends, college pets, and yourself. Catalogue the mundane sans the filter; these pictures will be precious later. Don’t click it for Instagram, do it just for the memories.

–    It is the final semester; sort your reading material.

–    Attend a full day of classes (including the 8:30 a.m. lecture) and actively participate in every lecture.

–    If you don’t dress up extra in college, then when will you?  Hence, unleash your #OOTD genius and dress to impress.

–    Tell your crush you like them #AajKuchToofaniKarteHai (#LetsBeCrazyToday).

–    Lay your outfit on Sunday night, declutter your college bag, and for once, be excited for Monday.

–    Write a letter to your college, department, society, or anyone. Lay bare your thoughts and feelings.

–    Graduation is inevitable, and life is only going to get real from now on. Rather than waiting for the withdrawal symptoms to hit you in the face, start the process of letting go already.

–    Forgive yourself for not being “productive” or “good enough.” What made you think you could survive college without breakdowns and disappointments? Overconfidence – that is the answer. College is a coming out of age experience for many of us. It is the first time when we get drunk, take responsibility for ourselves, and bargain for freedom. In this process, we make several mistakes (or worse, we assume to have made mistakes). As long as you learn your lesson, it is fine. Early adulthood is tough already, so congratulations on making it to the last semester. In the words of Frank McCourt, “You have to give yourself credit, not too much because that would be bragging.”


Afterthoughts: For some of us, it is a shame we can’t just admit that college was dreadful and that one can’t relate to the nostalgia. We would rather dump the farewell, get that degree, sell our books, and leave. A quick goodbye, ta-ta!  Well, we can do it by all means; yet regardless of how uneventful these three years were, everyone deserves to have pleasant memories. I wish you would give this phony checklist a chance.

Feature Image Credits: Saubhagya Saxena for DU Beat

Niharika Dabral

[email protected]


It is that time of the year again! The one-week that keeps you from dropping out of college every semester and considering the Indian Film Industry as your calling. It is the mid semester break! 10 days of early noon mornings and late night phone calls, ones that don’t involve you fretting over an assignment due the next day. Although your colleges have done a fine job at making sure you don’t have too much time to do pretty much anything else other than their own assignments (and projects and practical files!), the mid-sem break is the perfect time to rouse those latent hobbies and interests that can keep you from dropping out, till the next mid sem. If you’re having trouble remembering those, here’s some help:

Pick Up a hobby: When was the last time you thought of learning the guitar? Yesterday. When was the last time you did something about it? Never! Well then, no time like the present. And why just the guitar? Pick up that old box of paints, or that old French book, or that dusty skateboard. Believe me you’re still young enough to pick up something and start afresh.


Try Some New Eating Places: If you’re a food fanatic, then you have some serious catching up to do. With hundreds of new places opening up and your college sucking up all your time, you have been missing out on some superb places. (Refer to our DU Dhaba section, if you need help)



Complete an entire T.V Show Season: Although it might just be the most unproductive use of a day, but you need those days too! Pick a new T.V. show or a new season of an old one and spend the entire day in front of your T.V., in the comfort of your bed. The profound satisfaction of wasting an entire day after days of running around is well worth the little effort.

Watching an entire season in a day


Make your resume, or start thinking of it: This isn’t exactly holiday time agenda, but the best time to think over grave issues like these would be the holidays. Pick up your resume and start punching holes. We all know what we want to do and how to get there. So start thinking of the future plan of action.

Filling out a resume

Becoming best friends with your sweatpants: Let’s be real. A week of no college is bound to be spent on the bed, in front of the TV and/or with a bowl of edible items. But all these activities can be performed wearing the most comfortable attire in the world- The Sweatpants. So, this break become besties with your sweats and have a great week.


 imagecourtesy: Tumblr.com