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With the semester exams around the corner, DU has released good news for all those who achieve top scores.

As the semester examinations approach, Delhi University has made an exciting announcement which will act as an impetus for students to study even harder. From this semester onwards, DU will distribute cash prizes to class toppers from every department in its various colleges.

While the exact amount has not been set by the university officials, it may range between Rs. 3, 000 to Rs. 5, 000 per student. Mr Akhil Rai, Director of the DU Exam Committee stated, “We have taken this step so as to drive our students to study even harder. More importantly, we want to give recognition to our academic achievers.” When pointed out by DU Beat that various colleges do reward their students annually, he replied, “It is good that the colleges hand out such awards. However, we will be carrying this out every semester. We mean to distribute cash prizes along with certificates.

However, it may just so happen that some amount of the cash prize may come in the form of coupons sponsored by various companies. Rita Rao, a student of Venkateshwara College remarked, “Wow! What a wonderful step on the part of the administration. I’ll definitely try to bag the award. I’d prefer currency as opposed to coupons though.

The Administration has also been stated that if there are between 1 to 5 students who’ve scored the highest marks in each class, then the cash prize will be increased by 50% and divided among the students. If more than 5 students top the class, then the amount will be doubled and divided accordingly. For the first and second years, prizes will be handed on the basis of the SGPA and not the CGPA, and for the third year students, the semester and not the overall percentage will be taken into account.

What a bounteous university to study in!


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Swareena Gurung
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