Adittya Nath Mubayi

#1 How can a fresher enter the DU quizzing circuit?
Join your college quiz club. If there isn’t one, slog to set it up. Keep your eyes and ears open for alerts on upcoming quizzes around campus and in NCR institutions. Bunk classes if you must to quiz as much as you can—it’s the coolest education you will get. Find the right partners for different themed quizzes. Dress the part: funky tees, distressed denims, long hair (or none!) should do it. Follow updates from DU Beat and Quizcraft. And always #StayQrious!
#2 What’s the best way to prepare for a quiz?
Wake up. Find any clean, unsmelly clothes you may still have. Brush your teeth and hair, if any. Spray deodorant liberally… Oh wait, like seriously? Okay, so depending on the quiz theme, find relevant source material like books and magazines, videos and webcasts, or past editions of similar quizzes online. This will help you identify question patterns and give you insights into the quizmaster’s mind. Be active on social media quiz groups. Read, research, discover, learn all the time. Divide the quiz prep into categories and share it with your teammate(s). Stress a bit but don’t freak out… #StayCalm!
juxtapose lsr
#3 Which is the most fun segment in any quiz?
I’ve been a quizzer for almost four decades and I enjoy quizzing end to end, every round, every question. I guess most quizzers would. The audience is also an important part of a quiz, and some formats like audio-visuals or dumb charades could be quite interesting. As a quizmaster, I enjoy setting progressive clues, which gradually bring the teams closer to the answer, as well as buzzer questions, which are deceptively simple and often have a sting in the tale. Connect The Clues is also a really cool segment to make and attempt.
#4 Tell us about your experience in conducting quizzes for DU students. Do they bring something unique to your shows?
DU students are easily among the brightest, smartest, swaggiest quizzers in the entire country. Because they are genuinely interested in and pretty damned good at many subjects, it is a pleasure to set stimulating quizzes for college festivals. The diversity of information DU quizzers have access to and the depth of their understanding and awareness challenge me and my team to create engaging as well as entertaining quizzes. In fact, we are keen to develop a DU quiz league and welcome your ideas.
#5 Why is The Media Quiz at Juxtapose 2015 special?
Erm, because it’s a whysoQrious event! And because we have an awesome set of questions coming your way. We will weave into the quiz fabric fascinating aspects of the media from the traditional to the cutting-edge, historic to futuristic, mainstream to alternative… technologies, content, people, unsung heroes, breakthroughs, scandals: The Media Quiz will have it all! The Juxtapose team at LSR has worked very hard to design it with us, and I think this event is now a fixture on the DU quizzing calendar. I’m delighted to host it and hope to see many of you there. Once again, #StayQrious!