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A young student, currently enrolled at the University of Delhi, received 38 stitches on her waist after she was brutally attacked with supposedly a blade by an unidentified youth. The incident took place on a Thursday afternoon in North Delhi’s Timarpur.

The first-year student from Zakir Hussain Delhi College was on her way to college around 3 pm. She was walking along a lake in Nehru Vihar when the attack took place. The Police has been speculating that it was an offense committed by a stalker, but the Delhi Police Commissioner of North Delhi, Jatin Narwal, has so far ruled that out after the probe which involved speaking to the victim in detail. “It appears to be the work of a thief who may have tried to snatch her bag to rob it,” said the officer to the Hindustan Times.

The 18-year old woman further quoted that she remembered seeing the suspect with some other young men in her neighbourhood a couple of times in the last few days, but his activities never elicited substantial suspicions.

“A youth in his early 20s approached me from behind and attacked my waist with a sharp object. He ran away immediately after that,” she said, describing the gruesome incident. On seeing her profusely bleeding, a few passersby called the police. By the time the police arrived, she was already rushed to the hospital. “I received a long cut on my waist and was given 38 stitches. But now I am recovering”, the woman commented.

The Commissioner expressed the strong likelihood of catching the culprit, and remarked, “We have strong clues about his identity and hope to arrest him soon.”


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