Nishita Agarwal


When people think about winters, they associate it with various things like the chilly mornings and the chilly nights, warm fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate, chunky sweaters. But for me, Christmas always takes precedence.

It becomes hard for people to accept how I, out of all people, can anticipate this festival’s arrival with such eagerness when I am not even a Christian. Frankly, I myself am not very certain as to what particularly attributed to my excitement regarding this festival. It could be the fact that over the period of 14 years of my schooling, I was always a part of a Christian school where nobody discriminated on the basis of religion and everyone indulged themselves equally in the Christmas celebrations or that I have close Christian friends who do not hesitate to wish me on Diwali and I them on Christmas. Thus, Christmas has always been special to me. It revokes memories of me, as a student in school, enjoying a play depicting Christ’s birth and the arrival of the three kings at Bethlehem, who were guided by the star overhead. I am also extremely fond of the carol-singing where melodious choirs are seen singing carols with such enthusiasm that you can’t help yourself but join in. Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer, Silent Night, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Jingle bell rock, Santa Claus coming to town are few of the many joyful Christmas songs and carols that captures the essence of the festival and takes me back to the special Christmas assemblies at school or carol-singing competitions between various houses.

Even the depiction of Christmas in media is nothing less than captivating. Famous movies such as Home Alone or any other sitcom that you might be following would in some episode show an enormous Christmas tree with pretty lights and myriad decorations, stockings, mistletoes, a perfect fireplace which makes you all the more tempted to celebrate this festival. So, the question is, can we not recreate the same magic here or is being a Christian really necessary to enjoy this beautiful festival? I do not think so and neither should you. So, go on, engage yourself in the festivities. Read about the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, visit a nearby Church, listen to carols online, hunt down a Christmas carnival happening around your place and attend it with friends and family, witness the exhilarating Christmas decorations and treat yourself with mouth-watering delicacies. All in all, soak up the Christmas frenzy because, “’Tis the season to be jolly!”

Nishita Agarwal
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